About ATHS (Apollo Tele Health Services)

In line with our Chairman's vision to reach remote patients through telemedicine, Apollo has gained more than thirteen years of hands on experience and knowledge in this field. During above mentioned period Apollo has implemented more than 200 telemedicine centers nationally and internationally. Apollo is one of the major player in providing telemedicine services under PAN African network initiated by Government of India. In addition to providing healthcare services it has been providing tele-education and tele-mentoring services as well.

Apollo Tele Health Services (ATHS) is commercial wing of Apollo Telemedicine initiatives backed on vast knowledge and experience that has been gathered over above mentioned period. More...


Equitable access to healthcare services is a challenge for citizen of every country. This challenge is well recognized in India due to limited resources and wide spread settlements, especially in remote villages. In addition to issues around availability of healthcare organizations hurdles like affordability, remoteness, travel logistics, doctors' preference for cities, and so on are depriving appropriate and timely care. Such challenges fueled by healthcare seeking behavior are further enhancing severity of diseases and associated cost. Ideally most of such health issues can and should be managed locally and can be achieved through Tele Medicine.

Tele Medicine is a healthcare delivery system that uses advance telecommunication technology, information technology and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and provides following major outcomes:
  • Minimize patient travel for healthcare services, especially during sickness
  • Decrease relocation of medical specialists
  • Enhanced quality of care
  • Continuity of care through EMR
  • Systematic and timely health care at lesser cost. More...

At the simplest for the main steps of this concept are:
  • Capturing clinical information at remote site
  • Transmitting such information to specialist location
  • Interpretation of such information and advice, along with or without video conferencing with the patient
  • Storing entire interaction in database
  • Making such information available to patient and authorized persons

However concepts are changing and getting more complex with the time. More...


Service Overview

Every person looking at obtaining telemedicine services shall register with the health care service provider (HCP). HCP will create uniquely identifiable EMR for each and every enrollee. The demographic details and existing medical is entered into their medical EMR to provide appropriate healthcare services whenever the enrollee needs. This will enhance quality of care. All clinical interactions are recorded and stored in the EMR and will be maintained until agreed period of time. This EMR is accessible to all authorized persons (enrollee's explicit consent required) from anywhere in the world. In the event of requirement of hospital care, this EMR can be made available to enrollee and/or concerned HCP.