Remote monitoring (pregnancy)

  • In community

    Periodic monitoring of fetus tremendously enhances early warning and successful delivery especially in patients with bad obstetric history (BOH). Daily fetal monitoring and early warning in advanced pregnancy again contributes to better outcomes..

    ATHS provides remote monitoring of pregnant women through fetal monitoring devices which could be (A) wearable or (b) stand alone and capable of sending fetal heart sounds and uterine contractions. Hospital based obstetrician can see this clinical data and advise accordingly.

  • In hospital

    Continuous monitoring of fetal heart and uterine contraction is indicated during labor for many clinical conditions. ATHS provides a device that can capture above clinical parameters and send to central nursing station and / or any remote locations for appropriate clinical advice. This device is also helpful where obstetrician is at home or travelling to hospital wherein she can have continuous clinical information about such patient.