Peripheral Medical Devices:

With the vision of bringing healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual, Apollo Hospitals joined forces with AliveCor Inc. USA to tackle the growing problem of heart arrhythmias by providing an innovative mobile device to improve access to cardiac screening tools for patients across India and south Asia, thus preventing unnecessary loss of life and billions in healthcare cost because heart arrhythmia is going undiagnosed and under-managed.

AliveCor Heart Monitor:
The FDA cleared, AliveCor Heart Monitor when used with the free AliveECG app (compatible with iPhones and most Android devices), is a personalized, easy-to-use device that records accurate ECGs and heart rate at an affordable cost. Simply rest it on your fingers or chest to record an ECG in just 30 seconds. The free AliveECG app allows you to record, store, review and share your ECGs with Doctors.
The AliveECG app also has two FDA cleared algorithm for:
1. Normal ECG Detector - Gives instant feedback on the ECG if it is Normal.
2. AF Detector - Tells if Atrial Fibrillation, the most common Heart arrhythmia is existing in ECG.
The AliveCor Heart Monitor can be purchased from: Apollo Alivecor