Mobile Medical Unit

Mobile Medical Unit is a totally self-contained mobile platform which houses medical equipment, diagnostic equipment, tent and captive power unit. It would be capable of setting up a mobile clinic at any village, within an hour, to provide preventive, primary healthcare along with diagnostics services. This MMU is stationed at a fixed pre identified and announced location on a fixed day and fixed time. The location can be a Panchayat office, village school or any other similar location. This way the MMU will travel to different locations on different day of every week from Monday to Saturday and comes back to the first location on following Monday. People from nearby village are required to travel to MMU for services; however every attempt will be made to minimize such travel.

This MMU is capable of transporting six people including well trained driver who will double-up as healthcare assistant. Other people will be a balance of doctors, nurses, lab technician and paramedics. This combination is in accordance with predefined budget and requirement. The non emergency patients will be served on first cum first basis.

Patient details are registered and clinical parameters are captured through computer, and subsequent to that medical consultation is provided. Depending on the requirement doctor either prescribes medicine straight away on advises diagnostic tests. All diagnostic tests that can be performed in MMU will be carried out immediately and results will be made available to doctor. If patient requires advanced diagnostic tests or specialists advice, he or she will be referred to nearest government hospital along with printed patient details and clinical findings.

The entire health information is transmitted to a centralized database at the end of each day. Such health information will be used for continuity of medical services, data analytics, disease prevalence and management information reports.