Kiosk extends reach of health services providers

Kiosk brings healthcare to any worksite, retail outlet or community center. The goal of these compact, telehealth kiosks is to deliver health care more quickly, conveniently, and cost-effectively to patients. It covers all specialities from the remote location and gets specialist opinion.

Many such interactions can now be handled using kiosks, which can be located in hospitals, behavioral healthcare facilities, long-term care facilities, corporate offices, or even retail sites such as pharmacies.

How it works

Patients may walk in, prepare the electronic medical record and fix appointment with specialist. The medical attendant then collects information and sends the same to speciality center for opinion.

Patient’s vitals are taken, using a range of medical instruments in the kiosk and their data is uploaded using Telemedicine application (medeintegra). Based on request, the doctor or clinician appears on the screen, the patient’s records and vitals are available for doctor and proceeds with the patient’s assessment / opinion.

The medical instruments available in kiosks may be customized based on the needs of the location. Example:

  • Digital ECG - 12 lead
  • Computer with Medeintegra enabled & printer
  • Body scale
  • Digital Bp monitor
  • Digital stethoscope
  • Video conference
  • Patient couch

The kiosk is made of wooden frame with glass door. Easy to assemble and re assemble. Lighting and wiring infrastructure in kiosk are as per clinical requirement.