Being a leader in tertiary care Apollo attracts patients from remote locations including other countries. When such patients are admitted in ICU’s or other restricted areas of the hospital both accompanying persons or distant relatives tend to loose contact with the patient. ATHS provides a solution called I see u through which distant relatives / relatives in waiting area can see the patient and even talk to him depending on the situation. This solution can also be used by the family doctor of the patient wherever he may be. ATHS can provide this solution to hospitals on a consultancy or turnkey basis.

Tele-ICU benefits may well be looked at internally and externally

Internal Benefits of Tele-ICU:

  • Reduced ICU complication rates
  • Efficient delivery of care
  • Improved productivity of clinical staff
  • Improved staff morale and decreased turnover
  • Enhanced training opportunities

External Benefits of Tele-ICU:

  • Increased perception of quality of care
  • Ability to meet Leapfrog standards
  • Increased revenue
  • Reimbursement for services
  • Grants to acquire Tele-ICU systems

Other benefits of Tele-ICU :

Providing a standardized format for clinical communication so as to organize content and decrease errors. Providing delivery and prioritization of multiple messages to a single physician provider, which will improve the time to intervene on tele-ICU intervention and evaluation requests.

The administrator functionality of Tele-ICU will allow unit leadership to customize data collection fields by adding elements or rearranging order sorts for display functionality while maintaining data integrity.