Telemedicine and Teleconsultancy

1.1 Introduction

Telemedicine is a rapidly developing application for healthcare delivery wherein the medical information is transferred through the phone or the Internet and sometimes other networks for the purpose of consulting, and remote medical assistance.

HealthNet Global provides world class Telemedicine solution, which has the ability to provide interactive healthcare in real-time online utilizing modern technology and telecommunications. This allows patients to consult physician, over video for immediate health care.The patient data is collected through various processes like history, data-entry, biometrics and integration of medical equipment. Such data is stored and shared between healthcare professionals to diagnose, treat and follow-up. Whether you live in the center of city or in a remote place, Telemedicine is a valuabletool in Healthcare.

Electronic Medical Record, Medical Images, clinical parameters and integration with medical equipmen.

1.3.3 Live video consultation

Proprietary Point to point video conferencing framework for medical practice.

1.3.4 Prescription and advise management

Online e-Prescription including drugs, investigations and other advice.

1.3.5 Training and Education

Providing cost effective remote medical education to the medical graduates, paramedics and field workers, etc.through case presentations, education material l including medical images, videos, and other presentations (Addressing the issues of Privacy and Confidentiality.).

1.4 Features
  1. Plug-n-Play Architecture
  2. Specialty consultation Support
  3. Second Opinion Support
  4. Referrals Support
  5. Appointment Scheduling
  6. Integration with LVPEI systems like EMR, HIMS, etc.
  7. Indian Telemedicine Standards and Electronic Healthcare Record Standards Support.
  8. Integration with medical equipment .
    • Digital Ophthalmoscope.
    • ECG.
    • TMT.
    • 2D Ultra Sound with Echo Doppler.
    • X-Ray with CR System.
    • PFT.
    • Electronic Stethoscope.
  9. Continual Medical Education Support through Audio/Video .
  10. Emergency Support During the Disasters .
  11. Telemedicine Consulting Software (TCC)at patient's end.
  12. Telemedicine Specialty Software (TSC) atspecialist's end.