About HNG (HealthNet Global)

HNG provides integrated solutions and services to help governments to enhance the quality of Emergency and Healthcare Management (EHM) services. HNG"s unique EHM solutions provide a one-stop access to services such as fire, medical, and police. HNG's EHM solutions provide quick and collaborative response to emergencies. HNG brings the expertise to address all kinds of emergencies in the most rural areas to overcrowded urban localities. The ability to integrate Police, Fire Services, Hospitals & Ambulances gives it a unique advantage in not only saving lives, but perhaps reduce the crime rates too. The ambulances are manned by trained paramedics and are also equipped with state-of-the-art communication system, which is useful in guiding the paramedic in complex situations, in case help is required. GPS systems mounted on the ambulances helps track the movement and therefore keep the hospital staff on stand-by

Research based solutions Before deploying a solution in a geographic location, HNG's dedicated operations team conducts an exhaustive study of the environment to allow the solution to perform with maximum efficiency. HNG offers solutions that are:

Superior Quality Performance Pre-defined quality benchmarks that allow HNG products to offer maximum benefits to a greater cross-section of the population.

Suggested: HNG comprises of the best from Medicine, Software and Operations to come together and offer integrated healthcare solutions. HNG platform is in use for offering a range of health service remotely, efficiently with quality. HNG is continuously evolving the platform to take more care to the people. HNG solutions are customizable as per market segments and business models. The solutions follow open standards and architecture to be able to easily integrate with other systems.

Vision :

Our vision is to provide patient centric care , empowering them to better manage their own health, life and wellness, thereby bringing healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual.

Mission :

To provide benchmarked clinical advice and care to a wide cross-section of population, by bridging the gap between the doctor and the patient, using reliable and high-speed technology.