About HNG (HealthNet Global)

HealthNet Global (“HNG”) provides integrated solutions and services for connected health and continuum of care through Remote healthcare services.HNG is the pioneer company in India for integrated telemedicine solutions (EMR enabled with CDSS- Clinical Decision support system, CDSS layered with AI and ML, Clinical pathways integrated with drug data base) with connected devices, connected software for tele consultations.

By synergizing healthcare services, Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), medical equipment and patient information system, HNG provides specialized solutions like Doc on call, Condition management, Healthy motherhood, Mother and Toddler programs, Diet counseling, and Psychiatric Services, thereby empowering a remotely located consumer across the globe to access Apollo's world renowned doctors. These services are powered by one of the world’s largest Medical Response Centre (MRC).

Before deploying a solution in a geographic location, HNG's dedicated operations team conducts an exhaustive study of the environment to allow the solution to perform with maximum efficiency. HNG offers solutions that are of superior quality performance that allow HNG products to offer maximum benefits to a greater cross-section of the population. HNG provides integrated solutions and services to help governments to enhance the quality of Public Health, Operations of Healthcare systems (PPPs), Emergency and Healthcare Management (EHM) services, etc.

Vision :

Our vision is to provide patient centric care , empowering them to better manage their own health, life and wellness, thereby bringing healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual.

Mission :

To provide benchmarked clinical advice and care to a wide cross-section of population, by bridging the gap between the doctor and the patient, using reliable and high-speed technology.