HNG enables stakeholder integration

The HNG healthcare solution is tested, inexpensive, and proven to be repeatable in a variety of geographies. We transform healthcare delivery and emergency response, especially in emerging economies. Our approach integrates entire ecosystems?governments, private hospitals, diagnostic labs, pharmacies, insurance companies, telemedicine professionals, etc.?to speed the delivery of treatment and reduce costs.

Using HNG, citizens can reach healthcare professionals anytime, anywhere.

HNG employs only qualified, experienced professionals who deliver the highest-quality care.

HNG is the citizen?s single source for a broad range of care, including specialized treatments.

For governments

HNG enables governments to deliver improved services to citizens improving their quality of life.

By leveraging HNG?s technology, governments can implement public health policies more effectively at lower costs.

With HNG, governments can target specific disease vectors and control epidemics with greater accuracy and efficiency.

HNG collects and analyses a massive amount of data and information, which provides insights to governments on epidemiologic data. This allows decision makers to accurately identify disease cause and effect correlations, and create and advance both preventive and corrective health policies.