The HNG Advantage

HNG comprises of a team of highly skilled personnel, who have the capability of conceiving, architecting and building solutions, as well as taking them to the market using a partnership model

1. Technology & Architecture' We have the originators and architects of the largest emergency management solution in the world. A team who has the ability to architect and create technology that will make the services more effective and continuously reduce costs. We have experts in Healthcare and Emergency management and Command and Control Center conceptualization, architecture, build and deployment. We also have experts in Microsoft products, Health Records, Location Identification, and Security Identification with international experience in productization, pre-sales and sales support. These solutions have been created based on a study that benchmarked 13 matured markets including US, UK, Germany, Singapore, Australia.

2. Delivery and Operations' Our team that ensures the successful implementation of the solution, its ongoing support and effective use for operations. Our experts have connected various healthcare organizations using mobile telecommunication networks. They also bring in Program Management for large and complex government programs and deployment experience across the globe

3. Strategic Alliances' HNG has strategic alliances with key players in the communications, Software development and healthcare solution providers to bring the best-in-class solutions to our customers at an optimal cost.