Psychiatry Counselling

People face emotional discomfort owing to many issues in their lives daily, but most of them don't care about addressing the actual problem.

It is to help combat this emotional distress, that we have started the "Tele Counselling" service to work towards providing solutions to all your emotional, behavioural and psychological problems. We do this, in a perfectly confidential and friendly setup and you can avail our services from the comfort of your home or office.

"A healthy mind in a healthy body" being our mantra, we hope to bring qualitative services within the reach of every individual and help enhance your quality of life.

We provide services for:

  • Interpersonal Relationship Issues (Lover, Spouse, Parents, In-laws, Children, Friends, Colleagues, Boss, Others)
  • Problems with Children (Attitude & Behavior, Teenage issues)
  • Academic/ Career Issues for Self or Children (Exam stress, Lack of memory or concentration while studying, unable to decide on the right career, Lack of interest in studies etc.,)
  • Work Related (Unemployment, Harassment, Relationship with colleagues and bosses, Goals, Stress, coping with changes etc.,)
  • Personality & Habits (Shyness, Low confidence, low self-esteem, Addictions etc.,)
  • Emotional (Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Pregnancy and Delivery related issues, recovering from loss of a loved one etc.,)
  • Physical (Chronic illnesses, Health problems to close family members, Recovering from any surgery etc.,)