Infant Care

We at ATHS understand that bringing up a child is a herculean task & often requires right guidance and support. Our Program is conceptualized to assist mothers in this process. We aim to bring out the best in a mother and her child and guide them through a child's overall development to unlock and explore an infant's imagination.

How we do this

  • We help mothers understand phases of development of their children and ways to embrace their child as an individual.
  • We help parents understand common health problems that kids at this age are most prone to and suggest appropriate solutions.

Our Program Offers:

  • Continuous health risk assessment of infants
  • A heads up on various health issues which may arise during this age due to their curiosity to know everything around them. We suggest remedies and precautions for them too!!
  • Month by month guidance to mothers- provide information regarding growth and development/milestones of the child
  • Boost bonding between mother and infant
  • Reminders about necessary vaccinations

We provide you information, guidance & support regarding:

  • Nutrition, Diet plan and management
  • Tips for mom
  • Tips for dad
  • Tips to choose a nanny and preschool
  • How to choose clothing for kids
  • Bath and skin care
  • Myths about growing children.

Our services are provided by highly qualified Apollo-certified health professionals trained in mother and child care.