More than 100 Million emergencies occur across the globe every year. A majority of these emergencies result in loss of life. It is now medically proven that 80% of these lives could be saved if help reaches the victim in the first 60 minutes. HNG brings the expertise to address all kinds of emergencies in the most rural areas to overcrowded urban localities. The ability to integrate Police, Fire Services, and Hospitals with the emergency vehicles and ambulances gives it a unique advantage in not only saving lives but reducing the crime rates too. The ambulances are manned by trained paramedics and are also equipped with state-of-the-art communication system, which is useful in guiding the paramedic in complex situations, in case help is required. GPS systems mounted on the ambulances helps track the movement and therefore keep the hospital staff on stand-by.

While governments spend a lot of money on Healthcare and Public Safety, it rarely reaches the people at the bottom of the pyramid. Our solution helps in addressing the needs of people who have never been treated by a doctor or caregiver. The organization provides the full range of emergency and non-emergency treatment'in remote villages or overcrowded urban areas, and anywhere else need exists. By focusing on regions that are under-served from a healthcare and emergency management perspective, HNG brings the best value for stakeholders, whether they are government entities trying to enhance medical options available to their citizens, or patients themselves.

The cost of Healthcare and Public Safety are continuously rising. HNG programs include a repeatable, standards-based, componentized healthcare infrastructure, and a comprehensive emergency response system, as well as superior remote medical treatment based on leading- edge telemedicine capabilities. Its approach integrates entire ecosystems'governments, private hospitals, diagnostic labs, pharmacies, insurance companies, telemedicine professionals, etc.'to speed the delivery of treatment and reduce costs. Additionally, innovative application of technology helps HNG deliver its healthcare solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional care.