3G Telemedicine


Telemedicine provides healthcare service delivery using the transfer of medical information through Broadband Internet or 3G networks for the purpose of consulting, and remote medical assistance. HealthNet Global provides world class Telemedicine solution, which has the ability to provide interactive healthcare in real-time online utilizing modern technology and telecommunications. This allows patients to consult physician, over video for immediate health care.

The patient data is collected through various processes like history, data-entry, biometrics and integration of medical equipment. Such data is stored and shared between healthcare professionals to diagnose, treat and follow-up. This Telemedicine solution is an invaluable tool in Healthcare for Govt (India) Limited employees. Healthcare Services Proposal for Govt (India) Limited HealthNet Global Limited. All Rights Reserved.

The HealthNet Telemedicine solution will allow employees of Govt (India) Limited to access Apollo Health advisors from their office premises during office hours. Currently Govt (India) Limited pays General Physicians to come to their office premises on a part-time basis, leading to a low utilization of the GPs. When all the Govt (India) Limited offices (Telemedicine Consultation Center or TCC) are linked through this solution to the HealthNet Medical Response Center (Telemedicine Specialist Center or TSC) , the organization will benefit from optimal utilization of medical resources and at the same time employees avail of a far superior service.

As a part of the Telemedicine solution, HealthNet will provide one Paramedic at each location during office hours who will be able to collect patient vitals such as Temperature, Pulse, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Oxygen saturation and ECG. This information is captured in the patient case sheet and made available to the doctors at the Medical Response Center.

Major Functions of the System

1. Appointment Management
Appointment scheduling, rescheduling, cancellation and reconciliation.

2. Clinical Information Management
Electronic Medical Record, Medical Images, clinical parameters and integration with medical equipment.

3. Live video consultation
Proprietary Point to point video conferencing framework for medical practice.

4. Prescription and advice management
Online e-Prescription including drugs, investigations and other advice.

5. Training and Education
Providing cost effective remote medical education to the medical graduates, paramedics and field workers, etc. through case presentations, education material l including medical images, videos, and other presentations (Addressing the issues of Privacy and Confidentiality.).

  1. Browser based
  2. Secure data transfer
  3. Industry Standards Compliant (HL7)
  4. Seamless connectivity options
  5. Allows capture of all patient EMR (Electronic Medical Record) data such as Patient History, Diagnosis, Vital signs, Treatment Plan, Surgeries, Investigations etc
  6. Integration with Medical equipment like ECG, BP, Heart Rate, Pulse & SPO2
  7. Plug-n-Play Architecture
  8. Specialty consultation Support
  9. Second Opinion Support
  10. Referrals Support
  11. Appointment Scheduling
  12. Integration with LVPEI systems like EMR, HIMS, etc.
  13. Indian Telemedicine Standards and Electronic Healthcare Record Standards Support.
  14. Integration with medical equipment like
    • Digital Ophthalmoscope.
    • ECG.
    • TMT.
    • 2D Ultra Sound with Echo Doppler.
    • X-Ray with CR System.
    • PFT.
    • Electronic Stethoscope.
  15. Continual Medical Education Support through Audio/Video .
  16. Telemedicine Consulting Software (TCC)at patient's end.
  17. Telemedicine Specialty Software (TSC) atspecialist's end.
Solution Blocks

The solution comprises of a TSC (Telecommunication Specialization Center) and TCC (Telecommunication Contact Center) along with MRC (Mobile Response center with doctors, nurses, supervisor and Tele-triaging software platform.

The primary constituents of the solution are:

  • A Contact center is going to setup in clinic/diagnosis center/Hospitals with all capability of uploading Vitals info, X-Ray, ECG etc by a Paramedic or Doctor. And fixes appointments on need basis.
  • A Specialization center where a Doctor or Specialist will check the case sheet and provide his/her opinion and prescription to the patient.
  • Patient can access the info at TCC and can have Video consultation on necessity basis.

BMJ (British Medical Journal)
Best Health-Healthcare Content 24 X 7

The BMJ Group is a world leader in Evidence-Based Medicine information for healthcare professionals and patients alike. BMJ Group has taken its mission to promote evidence based medicine to patients by publishing patient information in its ground breaking series BMJ Best Health. This can be accessed via the web through a web browser. BMJ Best Health has won multiple awards for its plain English simplicity and is specifically written to be easily understood by anyone with an average-age literacy of 11 years and older. BMJ Best health is constantly updated and the intention is to provide the Indian consumer with text, audio and video which in later phases will be translated into local Indian languages such as Hindi, Bengali and Guajarati. The content will be segregated and provided for easy access. We believe that this content will be useful for Govt (India) Limited employees, especially Chronic Ailments, Women's Health, Men's Health and Children's health.

Value Propositions and Benefits
  • Best Health provides reliable, easy-to-understand information for the entire family-especially chronic ailments like Diabetes, Hypertension, and Asthma etc.
  • Personalized based on the age (Children's Health), gender (Women's Health, Men's Health) and medical condition of the employees
  • Sets out treatment options, and rates them according to their benefits and side effects