Corporate Care

Services are provided to the staff of urban and remote organizations. The telemedicine setup is made available at the work place and staff can consult Apollo doctors for their ailments. Corporates, especially in IT sector perceive it as efficient way of keeping their staff healthy while saving travel time. Over a period of time Apollo provides a report on corporate health (without reveling personal details) which helps corporate health planning. Apollo also conducts periodic health camps for early detection of clinical conditions and preventive management. Apollo is providing such services to remotely located organizations like oil drilling and exploration sites. In such cases Apollo also provides medical emergency management and advice for life threatening situations.

The telemedicine setup at such corporate can be managed by basic doctor, nurse, trained paramedics etc.

Apollo is also providing turnkey solutions for large corporates to establish their own telemedicine network consisting of telemedicine clinics and hospitals. In such cases their doctors support their remote locations and may seek specialist advice from Apollo as they deem fit.