Chronic Disease Management

Certain diseases once acquired usually not cured during entire life of the patient. Most of them silently and continuously effect various parts / systems of the human body with intermittent acute episodes. According to World Health Organization (WHO) chronic diseases are one of the main causes of premature death in the world. During initial stages they can be managed by patient with the help of health education and medical support. However as disease progresses they may have to be taken care by professionals, while acute exacerbation needs acute care and hospitalization. Such diseases may lead to disabilities and can be financial and social burden on individuals and society, especially if not managed timely and appropriately. Due to continuous and silent nature of these diseases, many patients become complacent. Best approach to these diseases is managing them appropriately right from the beginning till the end.

ATHS has a comprehensive system consisting of physical interactions, computerized management, alerts, reminders, progress sheets, interest group meetings, patient education and support for enrolled patients. ATHS management aims at minimizing physical interactions and maximizing community based care and support. Enrolled patients are provided with access to a personalized and web based Patient Health Record (PHR), which would consolidate entire health information of the patient at one place and accessible only to patient and authorized professionals / significant others.