Cradle Care

Motherhood is an inherent nature of every woman. A mother has a unique bond of understanding with the baby. Nevertheless this experience is often overwhelming and she requires time and guidance in understanding her little one

In the present day scenario, with the changing lifestyle, constant support from an understanding partner and family is not feasible. Often concerns of a new born are neither simple to sort out yourself nor complicated enough to visit a doctor. Handling the baby alone without a helping hand could thus become really stressful for a woman. This is a scenario where you need an expert who is ready to listen and understand all your queries before providing an apt solution.

Our program aims to reach out to such mothers and guide them in every aspect of care for their baby. Though there is a lot of information on the internet, you never know what's apt for your baby. We help to minimize your confusion by giving you personalized advice for your new born. Our counselors are here to listen to you as a friend and are trained to help you with all the updated information on Infant care. We aim to reduce your woes and add to your pleasures making you cherish the entire experience of motherhood.

Our Program offers:

  • A glimpse on when to expect what from your infant till her 1st birthday
  • All the information you need for the well-being of your little one
  • Better ways to handle your baby
  • A Helping hand to ease all the hardships you encounter while dealing with your baby
  • Tips and tricks for nursing your child
  • All perks and hitches of Breast feeding
  • Common myths with regard to baby care
  • Things you need to know about formula feeds
  • When and how to start weaning
  • Nutrition and diet advice to mother and baby
  • Ways to cope with new changes in your life
  • Tell tales of dealing with post-partum blues
  • Personalized tips for mother to tone up and lose the baby fat
  • Common health concerns that mothers face after delivery and ways to handle them
  • Tips for Dad to help them understand this new phase of life
  • Our infant care services are provided by highly qualified Apollo-certified health professionals who are trained in the most modern neonatal and infant care.

Benefits to Mother and Infant:

  • Coping her to manage new responsibility.
  • Knowledge helps you act ahead of time.
  • We provide you innovative ideas to help you balance work and home.
  • Clear all your myths and miseries regarding infant care.
  • You can relax knowing that guidance is just a phone call away.
  • The counsellor will be in contact with the client on regular basis and thus would be able to help the client to decide when to visit a pediatrician. Thus, saving unnecessary counselling.
  • Decrease in man hours spent in meeting the doctor every time for common concerns of baby care.
  • The counsellor can also help in fixing the appointment of the consulting physician. (only in case of Apollo Consultant).

Benefits to Company:

Improved efficiency- A happy doubt free expectant mother is more efficient with her work.

  • Development of health seeking behaviour:On enrolling into the program, the employees will develop the habit of celling a qualified medical professional rather than seeking a non professional peer help.
  • Healthy employees:With continued advice on better life style habits to improve health, the organisation is enriched with healthy employees.
  • Less absenteeism: The productive hours for employees suffer whether it is a sick day for oneself or any of the family members. With medical help a phone cell away, loss of precious work hours funnels down to minimal.
  • Decrease health care cost to the company:With decrease in unnecessary visits to the doctors, there is an evident decrease in net health care expenditure by the company.
  • Management Information system:All information shared between the doctor and the patient is stored electronicelly. This ensures easy access , retrieval and reporting of health care information at any given point of time.