Apollo Navy Services

Many merchant ships, fishing ships etc. are on high sea across the world at any given point of time usually these ships are without a doctor. All medical needs including medical emergencies are managed by trained non-medical person, invariably caption of the ship. If the medical condition of the crew member is beyond manageable the ship is either diverted to nearest port or a helicopter is called for to become the sick crew member. While such exercise is very expensive, any delay in taking such action could lead to life threatening situation. Another issue is if the situation is mis-judged as emergency by trained non-medical person in-charge the financial loss to the company is exorbitant. All such occurrences are well documented.

Apollo is offering navy services to such vessels wherein the ship is installed with telemedicine facility and all crew members spend 5 – 10 minutes every day for routine checkup. The Apollo doctors assist the trained non-medical person on ship to appropriately manage health of crew members. While Apollo doctor can recognize medical emergency at very early stage and shift the patient early whereby saving life, he discourages shifting of non-medical emergency patients whereby saving huge amount of money for the company.