Doc On Call

Apollo brings to you a secure mobile messaging and communication solution to meet the growing needs of the healthcare providers today, tomorrow, and in the future.

The DocOnCell solution offers rich set of features for communication and collaboration between remotely located patients with health care providers. It allows medical specialists in multiple locations to provide teleconsultation and teletherapy sessions to patients over their smartphones or PCs, while being able to share information and discuss patient issues among each other as if they are in the same place. Remote patient consultations through mobile technology can reduce the volume of outpatient visits, significantly reducing the overall cost of medical care. The patients can access the video consultation over any normal computer through their usual web browsers or at a local Telemedicine Consulting Centre (TCC).

The Enterprise version of DocOnCell provides major contextual enhancements by enabling access and sharing of patients’ clinical information from the hospital’s Health IT systems. These systems include EMRs, PACS, LIS, RIS, Document Management System, as well as non-clinical information from systems such as staff scheduling, nurse assignment, and ADT systems. Through this integration and access, secure contextual communications over messaging, voice, and video are combined with real-time access to patient information for faster decision making. This effective communication with an ecosystem of specialists and patient information during a patient consultation makes Telemedicine features of a powerful tool for saving time, money, and lives.

Key features

  • Secure messaging – text, voice and picture
  • Voice and video calling
  • Presence/Availability status
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Intelligent routing
  • Conferencing & collaboration
  • Integration with H-IT systems for patient-data
  • Multi device support – Android, iOS, smartphones/tablets and PCs


The solution architecture is characterized by:

  • Availability as a Cloud or On-premises solutions
  • Interface support to all required H-IT systems through mechanisms such as HL7, Web-Services, or ReST API
  • Fully compliant to HIPAA act of USA with respect to security and privacy of the PHI
  • Supports integration of a number of electronic clinical devices in a TCC setting
  • Supports multi-tenancy and enables integrating each tenant with their own IT infrastructure
  • Facility wise partitioning of user data and logs
  • Easy-to- deploy and manage
  • Lower operational expenditure (OPEX), increased revenues