CME 2014

03-Jan-14 Friday Solid Tumors in Children Dr. R. K. Bagdi, Consultant, pediatric Surgery
07-Jan-14 Tuesday Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Ms. Clara Glory, Clinical Instructor,
08-Jan-14 Wednesday Chest Pain Dr. Rama Narasimhan, Consultant, General Medicine
10-Jan-14 FridayTropical Fever SimplifiedDr. Suresh Kumar, Consultant, Infectious Diseases
22-Jan-14 Wednesday CSOMDr. H. Ganapathy, Consultant, ENT
27-Jan-14 Monday Common Skin Disorders Dr. G. Ravichandran, Consultant, Dermatology
11-Feb-14 Tuesday Urinary Tract Infection Dr. A. Soukat Ali, Consultant, General Medicine
12-Feb-14 Wednesday Multiligament Injury of the KneeDr. K. L. Praveen Kumar, Consultant, Orthopedics
18-Feb-14 Tuesday Dehydration Dr.Shashikant wali, Consultant,Pediatrics
20-Feb-14 Thursday Prostate CancerDr. N. Ragavan Consultant, Urology
25-Feb-14 Tuesday Thyroid Dr. N. K. Narayanan, Consultant, Endocrinology
26-Feb-14 Wednesday Care in Newborn in NICUMs. Urmila, Tutor, Nursing
07-Mar-14 Friday Hepatitis BDr.N Murugan, Consultant, Hepatology
18-Mar-14 Tuesday Kidney StonesDr.R JayaGanesh, Consultant, Urology
19-Mar-14 Wednesday Prevention and Management of IV ComplicationsMs. Merlin Gayathri, Clinical Instructor, Nursing
25-Mar-14 Tuesday Rheumatoid ArthritisDr.B Rajasekar, Consultant, Rheumatology
26-Mar-14 Wednesday Robotic in PhysiotherapyDr. Raj Prasanna, Consultant, Physiotherapy
27-Mar-14 Thursday TuberculosisDr.A.R Gayathri, Consultant, Respiratory Medicine
11-Apr-14 Friday Nursing care of Patient with Multiple PregnancyMs.Nikethana Nair R, Clinical Instructor
15- Apr-14 Tuesday FeverDr. RamaNarasimhan, Consultant, General Medicine
16- Apr-14 Wednesday CRBSI Ms.Urmila, Clinical Instructor
21-Apr-14 Monday Recurrent UTIDr. Shyamala Gopi, Consultant, Urology
25-Apr-14 Friday BurnsDr. Ganapathy Krishnan, Consultant Plastic Surgery,
30-Apr-14 Wednesday TB meningitisDr. A. Soukat Ali, Consultant, General Medicine
02-May-14 Friday Obesity Dr. N K Narayanan Consultant, Endocrinology
02-May-14 Friday Common Pediatric GI ProblemsDr. Dhanasekar Kesavalu Consultant, Pediatric Gastroenterology
06-May-14 Tuesday PneumoniaDr.C. Jagadeesh, Consultant, General Medicine
09-May-14 Friday Inflammatory Bowl DiseasesMs.Merlin Gayathri, Clinical Instructor- Nursing
12-May-14 Monday Nursing Management of Patient with Myocardial Infarction Ms. Dhanya Elizabeth E Clinical Instructor-Nursing
21-May-14 Wednesday Approach to DM in ChildrenDr. S. Ramkumar Consultant, Diabetology
03-June-14 Tuesday Pneumococcal DiseaseDr.C.Jagadeesh, Consultant, General Medicine
12-June-14 Thursday Care of Patient with Stroke Ms.Dharani Mary G, Clinical Instructor- Nursing
18-June-14 Wednesday Voiding DysfunctionDr. Shyamala Gopi Consultant, Urology
25-June-14 Wednesday Mental Status ExaminationMs.Sharmila A, Clinical Instructor - Nursing
30-June-14 Monday Nursing Management of Patients having GERD Ms.Nikethana Nair R, Clinical Instructor - Nursing
01-July-14 Tuesday LeishmaniasisDr. C.Jagadeesh, Consultant, General Medicine
02-July-14 Wednesday Urogynaecology Update Dr. Meera Raghavan, Consultant, Uro Gynecology
03-July-14 Thursday Precocious Puberty in Girls ? Case Based ApproachDr. S Ram Kumar, Consultant, Diabetology & Endocrinology
07-July-14 Monday Colorectal MalignancyDr. Soukat Ali, Consultant, General Medicine
11- July-14 Friday Biliary AtresiaDr. R K Bagdi, Consultant, Pediatric Surgery
28-July-14 Monday Nursing care for MIMs.Dhanya Elizabeth E,Clinical Instructor-Nursing
01-Aug-14 Friday Patients with Seizures Ms. Dhanya Elizabeth, Clinical Instructor, Nursing
04-Aug-14 Monday TB-Diagnosis and Treatment Dr. D Suresh Kumar , Consultant, Infectious Diseases
07-Aug-14 Thursday Obesity in ChildrenDr. S. Ramkumar, Consultant, Diabetology
11-Aug-14 Monday Burn Treatment Ms. Dhanya Elizabeth, Clinical Instructor, Nursing
22-Aug-14 Friday Endocrine EmergenciesDr. N. K. Narayanan, Consultant, Endocrinology
22-Augt-14 Friday Pregnancy and Heart DiseaseDr. Rajeswari Nayak, Consultant, Cardiology
01-Sep-14 Monday Robotic Surgery in UrologyDr. K. Ramesh, Consultant, Urology
02-Sep-14 Tuesday Hand InjuriesDr. K S Siva Kumar Consultant, Plastic Surgery
03-Sep-14 Wednesday HerniaMs. Allen Nimmy Thomas, Clinical Instructor Nursing
11-Sep-14 Thursday Simplistic Approach to Ambiguous GenitaliaDr. S. Ram Kumar, Consultant, Diabetology & Endocrinology
23-Sep-14 Tuesday Viral HepatitisDr. A. Soukat Ali, Consultant, General Medicine
29-Sep-14 Monday Robotic Neuro-RehabDr. Raj Prasanna, Consultant, Physiotherapy
09-Oct-14 Thursday Hypertension in childrenDr. S.Ram Kumar, Consultant, Diabetology & Endocrinology
10-Oct-14 Friday Care of Patient with COPDMs.Lija Thomas, Clinical Instructor, Nursing
20-Oct-14 Monday Pregnancy Dermatosis Dr. V. Venugopal, Consultant, Dermatology
31-Oct-14 Friday Incretins Past, Present and Future Newer AntidiabeticsDr. C.Jagadeesh, Consultant, General Medicine
03-Nov-14 Monday Viral Hepatitis ?Part IIDr.A.Soukat Ali Consultant, general Surgery
05-Nov-14 Wednesday Skin Grafts and FlapsDr. K S Siva Kumar Consultant, Plastic Surgery
10-Nov-14 Monday Spectrum of Hyperthyroidism in Children Dr. S.Ram Kumar Consultant, Diabetology & Endocrinology
12-Nov-14 Wednesday Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery(VATS) for Empyema in Children Dr. Prakash Agarwal Consultant, Pediatrics Surgery
13-Nov-14 Thursday Anxiety Disorder Ms. Sharmila A Clinical Instructor, Nursing
28-Nov-14 Friday Ebola Dr. Rama Narasimhan Consultant, General Medicine
01-Dec-14 Monday Grief and Grieving Process Ms. Thelma Simon, Clinical Instructor Nursing
03-Dec-2014 Wednesday Diabetic EmergenciesDr. N. K. Narayanan, Consultant, Endocrinology
05-Dec-14 Friday Thoughts on DiagnosisDr. D. Kamala, Consultant, Pediatric Neurology
08-Dec-14 Monday Leptospirosis Dr. A. Soukat Ali, Consultant, General Medicine
09-Dec-14 Tuesday Management of Pressure UlcersDr. S. Ganapathy Krishnan, Consultant, Plastic Surgery
10-Dec-14 Wednesday Management of Pediatric DiarrheaDr. Dhansekar Kesavulu, Consultant, Pediatric Gastroenterology