CME 2012

10-Jan-12 TuesdayBariatric SurgeryDr. Rajkumar Palaniappan, Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology
12-Jan-12 ThursdayApproach to a Child with recurrent Abdominal PainDr. Radha Rajagopalan, Consultant, Pediatrics
16-Jan-12 MondayHow low should be the LDL CholesterolDr. K. N. Srinivas, Consultant, Cardiology
17-Jan-12 TuesdayAnemia in PregnancyDr. Mallika Samuel, Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynaecology
17-Jan-12 TuesdayIrritable Bowel Syndrome(FRENCH)Dr. R Ravi, Consultant, Gastroenterology
24-Jan-12 TuesdayNew Management & Advancement of Diabetes(FRENCH)Dr. Jayashree Gopal, Senior Consultant, Diabetology
25-Jan-12 WednesdayAnal FistulaDr. T. Prithvi Raj, Consultant, General Surgery
30-Jan-12 MondayA discussion on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in ChildrenDr. Jayakumar Reddy, Consultant, Pediatrics
14-Feb-12 Tuesday Robotic Surgery in UrologyDr. B. Arun Kumar Consultant, Urology
14-Feb-12 Tuesday Approach to Myasthenia Gravis (FRENCH)Dr. Lakshmi Narayana Consultant, Neurology
15-Feb-12 Wednesday Intestinal ObstructionDr. Pandya Raj Consultant, General Surgery
16-Feb-12 Thursday Diabetic NephropathyDr. Raja Mahesh Consultant, Nephrology
16-Feb-12 Thursday Approach to Vertigo (FRECNH)Dr. H. Ganapathy Consultant, ENT Surgery
21-Feb-12 Tuesday Oncology for General PractitionersDr. Shankar Srinivasan Consultant, Oncology Medical
28-Feb-12 Tuesday DepressionDr. Prabhajar Thiyagarajan Consultant, Psychiatry
29-Feb-12 Wednesday Role of Endoscopy in GastroenterologyDr. Ubal Dhus Consultant, Gastroenterology
13-Mar-12 Tuesday Approach to Cough (French)Dr. A. R. Gayatri Consultant, Respiratory Medicine
14-Mar-12 Wednesday Diagnosis and Management of Vesico ? Ureteric Reflux in ChildrenDr. V. Sripathi Consultant, Paediatric Urology
14-Mar-12 Wednesday Abdominal Pain in ChildrenDr. S. Srinivas Consultant, Paediatric Gastroenterology
15-Mar-12 Thursday Common Orthopedic Problems in the CommunityDr. K. P. Kosygon Consultant, Orthopedics
15-Mar-12 Thursday Duodenal Ulcer (French)Dr. R. Ravi Consultant, Gastroenterology
27-Mar-12 Thursday Diabetes in Pregnancy Dr. Mallika Samuel Consultant, Gynecology
28-Mar-12 Wednesday Evaluation and Management of Thyroid Nodule Dr. T. Prithviraj Consultant, General surgery
30-Mar-12 Friday Recent Advancements in the Treatment of Epilepsy in Children Dr. D. Kamala Consultant, Paediatric Neurology
09-Apr-12 Monday Psychological Development in Children(FRENCH)Dr. D. Kamala, Consultant, Pediatric Neurology
10-Apr-12 Tuesday Congestive Heart FailureDr. Rajeswari, Consultant, Cardiology
12-Apr-12 Thursday Neurological Examination(FRENCH)Dr. K. Ganapathy, Consultant, Neuro Surgery
17-Apr-12 Tuesday Cerebral Palsy in Children ? OverviewDr. Murugan Velayutham, Consultant, Pediatric Neurology
18-Apr-12 Wednesday Emergency Management in Case of PoisingDr. Santa Banu, Sr.Registrar, Emergency Medicine
19-Apr-12 Thursday Approach to DyspneaDr. K.N.Srinivas, Consultant, Cardiology
25-April-12 Wednesday Management of Meniere's DiseaseDr. H. Ganapathy, Consultant, ENT
26-April-12 Thursday Infections in Pregnancy ? Common in Africa & IndiaDr. Narassa Narayani, Consultant, Obstetrics & Gynecology
02-May-12 Wednesday Prognosis and Treatment of Aplastic AnemiaDr. P. Prabu, Consultant, Hematology
07-May-12 Monday Abdominal TBDr. T. Prithviraj, Consultant, General Surgery
15- May-12 Tuesday TB SpineDr. V. Ravi, Consultant, Orthopedics
16-May-12 Wednesday Colorectal Surgical EmergenciesDr. Radha Krishna, Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology
17-May-12 Thursday Peripheral Infusion Therapy-Prevention and Management of ComplicationsMs. Lydia, Consultant, Nursing
30-May-12 Wednesday Post Operative Nursing CareMs.UmaMaheswari, Consultant, Nursing
04-June-12 Monday Emergency MedicineDr. Ponmurugan, Consultant, Emergency Medicine
06-June-12 Wednesday Management of Head InjuriesDr. K. Ganapathy, Consultant, Neuro Surgery
13-June-12 Wednesday JaundiceDr. R. Ravi, Consultant, Gastroenterology
14-June-12 Thursday Surgical Emergencies in ChildrenDr. R. K. Bagdi, Consultant, Peadiatric surgeon
19-June-12 Tuesday CT Acute AbdomenDr. Chidambaram, Consultant, Radiology
27-June-12 Wednesday Pelvic InjuryDr. K. L Praveen Kumar, Consultant, Orthopedics
05-July-12 Thursday Cervical Intraepithelial NeoplasiaDr. Mallika Samuel, Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynecology
05-July-12 ThursdayObsessive Compulsive DisorderDr. V. Muthukrishnan, Consultant, Psychiatry
09-July-12 Monday Management of Comatose Child(FRENCH)Dr. Kamala, Consultant, Pediatric Neurology
10-July-12 Tuesday Diagnosis and Treatment of Pulmonary EmbolismDr. A. R. Gayatri, Consultant, Respiratory Medicine
12-July-12 Thursday Approach to a Child Neuromuscular DiseaseDr. V. Viswanthan, Consultant, Pediatric Neurology
12-July-12 ThursdayJaundice(FRENCH)Dr. R. Ravi, Consultant, Gastroenterology
30-July-12 MondayBrain Tumors-An OverviewProf.K.Ganapathy, Neuro surgery
31-July-12 TuesdayA Discussion on TuberculosisDr.A.R.Gayathri, Consult. Respiratory Medicine
08-Aug-12 Wednesday Benign Breast DiseasesDr. T. Prithviraj, Consultant, General Surgery
09-Aug-12 Thursday Surgical Emergencies in ChildrenDr. R. K. Bagdi, Consultant, Pediatric Surgery
09-Aug-12 ThursdayDiagnosis and Treatment of Pulmonary Embolism(FRENCH)Dr. A. R. Gayatri, Consultant, Respiratory Medicine
13-Aug-12 Monday Prognosis and Algorithm of Lymphedema (FRENCH)Dr. G. Manokaran, Consultant, Plastic Surgery
23-Aug-12 Thursday AnemiaDr. Rama Narasinhan, Consultant, General Medicine
23-Aug-12 Thursday Telemedicine - A peep in to the futureMr.Kevin Devasia, Dy.Gen.Mgr-ATNF & ATHS
24-Aug-12 Friday Upper GI BleedingDr. P. Radha Krishna, Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology
29-Aug-12 Wednesday Asthma in ChildrenDr. Jayakumar Reddy, Consultant, Pediatrics
04-Sep-2012 Tuesday Surgical Nursing Care(FRENCH)Ms. Lydia, Educator, Nursing
07-Sep-2012 Friday CT Angiography of AbdomenDr. T .Sunder, Consultant, Radiology
07-Sep-2012 Friday ENT Nursing Care(FRENCH)Ms. Lydia Educator, Nursing
11-Sep-2012 Tuesday Management of Persistent DiarrheaDr. Dhansekar Kesavulu, Consultant, Pediatric Gastroenterology
13-Sep-2012 Thursday Abdominal Liver TestsDr. Rama Narasinhan, Consultant , General Medicine
18-Sep-2012 Tuesday Introduction to Vascular SurgeryDr. N. Sekar, Consultant, Vascular Surgery
20-Sep-2012 Thursday Hypothyroidism ? Management IssuesDr. Shriraam Mahadevan, Consultation, Pediatric Endocrinology
27-Sep-2012 Thursday Approach to HypotensionDr. Babu Kuruvilla Abraham, Consultant, Critical Care Unit
04-Oct-2012 Thursday Anxiety & Depression in General Practice(FRENCH)Dr. Muthu Krishnan, Consultant, Psychiatry
10-Oct-2012 Wednesday Common Problems in Pediatric ENTDr. R. Balaji, Consultant, Pediatric ENT
12-Oct-2012 Friday Chronic Diarrhea(FRENCH)Dr. R.Ravi, Consultant, Gastroenterology
18-Oct-2012 Thursday Hypertension ? New conceptsDr. K.N. Srinivas, Consultant, Cardiology
22-Oct-2012 Monday Management of Otitis MediaDr. H. Ganapathy, Consultant, ENT
25-Oct-2012 Thursday Altered Bowl Movements & DiarrheaDr. Rama Narasinhan, Consultant, General Medicine
31-Oct-2012 Wednesday What a Doctor Should be ?Prof.K.Ganapathy, Neuro surgery
15-Nov-2012 Thursday Update on Colorectal SurgeriesDr. P. Radha Krishna, Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology
15-Nov-2012 Thursday Discussion on Immunization About Advanced VaccinesDr. Radha Rajagopalan, Consultant, Pediatrics
23-Nov-2012 Friday Hypertensive Disorder in PregnancyDr. Mallika Samuel, Consultant, Obstetrics & Gynecology
27-Nov-2012 Tuesday Overactive BladderDr. P. B. Sivaraman, Consultant, Urology
29-Nov-2012 Thursday An Update on DengueDr. Soukat Ali. A, Consultant, General Medicine
11-Dec-2012 TuesdayPost-Operative Cardiac Nursing CareMs. Lydia, Consultant, Nursing
12-Dec-2012 Wednesday Wound HealingDr.Shashi Bhushan,Sr.Consult Plastic surgery
13-Dec-2012 Thursday Post-Operative Renal Transplant Nursing CareMs. Lydia, Consultant, Nursing
18-Dec-2012 Tuesday Inguino Scrotal SwellingDr. A. Pandiyaraj, Consultant, General Surgery
19-Dec-2012 Wednesday Laproscopic hernia RepairDr. Muralidharan, Consultant, General Surgery