CME 2011

06-Jan-11 Thursday Back Pain Dr. Appaji, Consultant, Orthopedics
11-Jan-11 Tuesday Diabetes - An Overview Dr. N. Rajendran, Consultant, Diabetology
12-Jan-11 Wednesday Chest Pain Dr. Rama Narasimhan, Consultant, General Medicine
18-Jan-11 Tuesday Acute Kidney Injury Dr. V. Vivek, Consultant, Nephrology
28-Jan-11 Friday Head injuries Dr. K.Ganapathy, Senior Consultant,Nueuro Surgery
31-Jan-11 Monday Chronic Kidney Diseases - Causes and Progression Dr. Rajeev Annigeri, Consultant, Nephrology
08-Feb-11 Tuesday An Overview & Management of Common Knee and Shoulder Problems in Clinical Practice Dr. Subair Khan, Consultant, Orthopaedics
09-Feb-11 Wednesday Neurological Examination Dr. K. Ganapathy, Consultant, Neurosurgery
10-Feb-11 Thursday Interpretation of Spinal X-Ray Dr. Swatee Halbe, Consultant, Radiology
15-Feb-11 Tuesday Overactive Bladder Dr. Syamala S Gopi, Consultant, Urology
18-Feb-11 Friday Common Neurological Symptoms and Management Dr. Lakshmni Narasimhan, Consultant, Neurology
21-Feb-11 Monday ECG Interpretation Dr. C. Jagadeesh, Consultant, General Medicine
08-Mar-11 Tuesday Recent Advances in Gastroenterology Dr. P. Radha Krishna, Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology
08-Mar-11 Tuesday All the Wheezes are not Asthma Dr. A.R. Gayatri, Consultant, Respiratory Medicine
10- Mar-11 Thursday Hematuria Dr. P. B. Sivaraman, Consultant, Urology
16-Mar-11 Wednesday An Overview on Hypertension Dr. Sujatha, Consultant, General Medicine
29-Mar-11 Tuesday Managements of Asthma Dr. S. Ananth, Consultant, General Medicine
31-Mar-11 Thursday A Discussion on Vertigo Dr. H. Ganapathy, Consultant, ENT
06-April-11 Wednesday Primary Care of Women Health Dr. Rama Narasimhan, Consultant, General Medicine
14-April-11 Thursday Principles and Initial Management of Trauma Dr. Davapalani, Consultant, Emergency Medicine
18- April-11 Monday Abdominal TB Dr. P. Radha Krishna Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology
20- April-11 Wednesday Breast Cancer Management Dr. P. Venkat, Consultant, Surgical Oncology
27- April-2011 Wednesday Basics of Physiotherapy Dr. Raj Prasanna, Consultant, Physiotherapy
28- April-11 Thursday Clinical Approach to Dementia Dr. Arul Selvan, Consultant, Neurology
03-May-11 Tuesday Diabetic foot Dr. Ganapathy Krishnan, Consultant, Plastic Surgery
16-May-11 Monday Complications of Smoking Dr. C. Jagdessh, Consultant, General Medicine
18-May-11 Wednesday Neurology for the Primary Physicians Dr. Prithika Chary, Consultant,Neurology
19-May-11 Thursday A discussion on Heart Attack Dr. Dillip Kumar Mishra, Consultant, Cardio Thoracic Surgery
20-May-11 Friday Approach to a Patient with Abdominal Pain Dr. Thavapalani, Consultant, Emergency Medicine
25-May-11 Wednesday Cough Dr. Gayatri, Consultant, Respiratory Medicine
01-June-11 Wednesday Investigation of Haemoptysis Dr.C.Jagadeesh, Sr.Consultant,Gen Medicine
08-June-11 Wednesday Common Gastrointestinal Diseases Dr. Ubal Dhas, Consultant, Gastroenterology
10-June-11 Friday Management of Skin Infections - Update Dr. Ravi Chandran, Consultant, Dermatology
15-June-11 Wednesday Fatty liver Dr. N. Murugan, Consultant, Heapatology
16-June-11 Thursday A Discussion on Fever Dr. Rama Narasimhan Consultant, General Medicine
22-June-11 Wednesday Early Diagnosis of Dengue Fever & Prevention of Complications in Pediatrics Dr. Jaya kumar Reddy, Consultant, Pediatrics
11-July-11 Monday A Discussion on Osteoporosis Dr. Sujatha, Consultant, General Medicine
14-July-11 Thursday Relevance of Management of Low Platelets in Systemic Diseases Dr. Prabhu, Consultant, Heamatology
18-July-11 Monday Management of Common Problems in Intensive Care Unit Dr. Dillip Kumar Mishra, Consultant, Cardio Thoracic Surgery
19-July-11 Tuesday Dyslipidemia Dr. Soukat Ali, Consultant, General Medicine
26-July-11 Tuesday A Discussion on Malaria Dr. SAFINAAZ, Consultant, General Medicine
28-July-11 Thursday Parkinson?s Disease Dr. Geetha Lakshmipathy, Consultant, Neurology
03-Aug-11 Wednesday Obstructive Jaundice Dr. Ravi R, Consultant, Gastroenterology
09-Aug-11 Tuesday Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers - African Perspective Dr. Rama Narasimhan Consultant, General Medicine
09-Aug-11 Tuesday Cerebral Traumatic Pathologies (Fractures and Hématomes)(FRENCH) Dr. K. Ganapathy, Consultant, Neuro Surgery
11-August-11 Thursday CA Prostate Dr. P. B. Sivaraman, Consultant, Urology
16-Aug-11 Tuesday Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Dr. T. G. Bala Chandar Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology
16-Aug-11 Tuesday Infectious and Parasitic Pathologies Cerebral(FRENCH) Dr. K. Ganapathy Consultant, Neuro Surgery
18-Aug-11 Thursday Cerebro Vascular Diseases - Update Dr. Prithika Chary, Consultant, Neurology & Neuro Surgery
18-Aug-11 Thursday Management of recurrent Malaria and various Preventive methods in Children Dr. Radha Rajagopalan, Consultant, Pediatrics
07-Sep-11 Wednesday Anxiety Disorder Dr. Muthu Krishnan, Consultant, Psychiatry
08-Sep-11 Thursday Clinical Neurological signs in Neonates Dr. D. Kamala, Consultant, Pediatric Neurology
13-Sep-11 Tuesday Pathological Sciences Dr. Sunil Consultant, Pathology
14-Sep-11 Wednesday Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer(FRENCH) Dr. T. Raja, Consultant, Oncology Medical
20-Sep-11 Tuesday Anxiety & Stress Dr. Prabhakar Thiyagarajan, Consultant, Psychiatry Apollo Hospitals, Chennai
20-Sep-11 Tuesday Prognosis & Treatment of Non ? Hodgkin Lymphoma(FRENCH) Dr. P. Prabhu, Consultant, Heamatology
21-Sep-11 Wednesday Ocular Injuries Dr. Rajesh Gupta, Consultant, Ophthalmology
29-Sep-11 Thursday Neurological Emergencies in Clinical Practice Prof.K.Ganapathy, Neuro surgeon
11-Oct-11 Tuesday Pulmonary Embolism Diagnosis and Management Dr. L. Sundar Rajan, Consultant, Respiratory Medicine
11-Oct-11 Tuesday Prevention & Treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism Dr. C. Jagadeesh, Consultant, General Medicine
11-Oct-11 Tuesday Surgery for Colon Cancer(FRENCH) Dr. Radha Krishna, Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology
12-Oct-11 Wednesda Laparoscopic Surgery - Past, Present and Future Dr. Rajkumar Palaniappan, Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology
18-Oct-11 Tuesday Surgeons Role in Acute Abdominal Pain Dr. Pandiya Raj, Consultant, General Surgery
18-Oct-11 Tuesday Organ Phosphorus & Rodenticide Poisoning(FRENCH) Dr. Dhavapalani Consultant, Emergency Medicine
25-Oct-11 Tuesday Peptic Ulcer Diseases Dr. R. Ravi, Consultant, Gastroenterology
27-Oct-11 Thursday Platelet Count ? Too Low and Too High Dr. T. P. R. Bharawaj, Consultant, Hematology
09-Nov-11 Wednesday Ophthalmology Nursing Ms. Lydia, Consultant, Nursing Educator Apollo Hospitals, Chennai
09-Nov-11 Wednesday Approach to Thyrotoxicosis Dr. Shriraam Mahadevan, Consultant, Endocrinology
15-Nov-11 Tuesday Spinal Injuries Dr. V. Ravi, Consultant, Spine Surgery
16-Nov-11 Wednesday ALL THAT WHEEZES IS NOT ASTHMA ? SOME OTHER CAUSES OF RECCURENT WHEEZE Dr.A.R.Gayathri,Consult.Respiratory Medicine
21-Nov-11 Monday Diagnosis and Management of Diabetes Mellitus Dr. Rama Narasimhan, Consultant, Internal Medicine
22-Nov-11 Tuesday Pathogenesis and Pathophysiology of Myelodysplasia Dr. Sunil, Consultant, Pathology
23-Nov-11 Wednesday ENT Nursing Ms. Lydia, Consultant, Nursing Educator
30-Nov-2011 Wednesday Stiff Joints (Non Rheumatic) Dr. K. L. Praveen Kumar, Consultant, Orthopedics
07-Dec-11 Wednesday Psychological Development in Children Dr. D. Kamala, Consultant, Pediatric Neurology
07-Dec-11 Wednesday An Overview on Epilepsy(FRENCH) Dr. Prithika Chary, Consultant, Neurology & Neuro surgery
08-Dec-11 Wednesday Recent Advancements in Dermatology(FRENCH) Dr. G. Ravi Chandran, Consultant, Dermatology
13-Dec-11 Tuesday Discussion on Urinary Tract Infections Dr. P. B. Siva Raman, Consultant, Urology
13-Dec-11 Tuesday Approach to Wheezy Child Dr. Jaya Kumar Reddy, Consultant, Pediatrics
15-Dec-11 Wednesday Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery in Hernia Repair Dr. T. K. Neelamekam, Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology
19-Dec-11 Monday Pit Falls in Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis Dr. C. Jagadeesh, Consultant, Internal Medicine
21-Dec-11 Wednesday Dengue Fever and its Complications Dr. Soukat Ali, Consultant, Internal Medicine