CME 2010

05-Jan-10 Tuesday Initial Management of Neuro Surgical Emergencies for the Non -Specialist Prof.K.Ganapathy, Senior Consultant, Neurosurgeon
15-Jan-10 Friday mHealth in 2020 - A peep in to the future Prof.K.Ganapathy, Senior Consultant, Neurosurgeon
18-Jan-10 Monday Approach to a Child with a First Episode of Seizure Dr.V.Viswanathan, Senior Consultant, Paediatric Neurology
19-Jan-10 Tuesday Management of Liver Abscess Dr.T.Neelamekam, Senior Consultant, Gastroenterology
20-Jan-10 Wednesday A Discussion on TB Spine Dr. V. Ravi D, Senior Consultant, Orthopedics
21- Jan-10 Thursday Head Aches in Children Dr. D. Kamala, Senior Consultant, Paediatric Neurology
22- Jan-10 Friday A Discussion on Wound Coverage- Current Concepts Dr. Shivaram Bharathwaj, Senior Consultant, Cosmetic Surgery
10-Feb-10 Wednesday Surgery for portal Hypertension Dr. Radha Krishna. P, Senior Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology
12-Feb-10 Thursday Management of Cancer cervix Dr. Rajaram, Senior Consultant, Surgical Oncology
16-Feb-10 Tuesday A Discussion on Tuberculosis Dr. A. R. Gayathri, Senior Consultant, Respiratory Medicine
19-Feb-10 Friday Management of Prostatic Cancer Dr. P. Mahadevan, Senior Consultant, Radiation Oncology
24-Feb-10 Wednesday A discussion on Abdominal Pain Dr. Usha Srinivasan, Senior Consultant, Gastroenterology
26-Feb-10 Friday A Discussion on Anal Surgical Problems Prof. R. Pandiya Raj, Senior Consultant, General Surgery,
10-Mar-10 Wednesday Recent advancements in Diabetic Management Dr. Jayashree Gopal, Consultant, Endocrinology & Dialectologist
23-Mar-10 Tuesday Emergencies in Pediatric Surgeries Dr. Raj Kishore Bagdi, Senior Consultant, Pediatric Surgery
26-Mar-10 Friday Epilepsy in Children Dr. S. Vani, Consultant, Pediatric Neurology
30-Mar-10 Tuesday Advances in the care of Heart Failure Dr. Rakesh Gopal, Consultant, Cardiology
31-Mar-10 Wednesday Approach to a Bleeding Patient Dr. S. Revathi Raj, Consultant, Pediatric Haematology
6-Apr-10 Tuesday Approach to a Child Primary Immune Deficiency Dr. S. Revathi Raj, Consultant, Pediatric Haematology
7-Apr-10 Wednesday Management of Complications in Patient?s with Severe Acute Malnutrition Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Shankar, Chief Dietitian
13-Apr-10 Tuesday Management of Neonatal Sepsis Dr. Meena Thiagarajan, Consultant, Pediatric
21-Apr-10 Wednesday Management of Common Pediatric Dermatologic Problems Dr. Jayakar Thomas, Consultant, Pediatric Dermatology
29-Apr-10 Thursday Pathophysiology and Management of Pulmonary Hypertension Dr. Y. V. C. Reddy Consultant, Cardiology
30-Apr-10 Friday CT & MRI images of the Brain for the Non Specialist Prof.K.Ganapathy, Senior Consultant, Neurosurgeon
06-May-10 Thursday Management of Acute Poisoning Dr. S. Bhaskar, Consultant, General Medicine
19-May-10 Wednesday Management of Infective Endocarditic Dr. Asha Mahilmaran, Consultant, Cardiology
20-May-10 Thursday Management of Septic Shock Dr. Indira Jaya Kumar, Consultant, Pediatric Intensivist
26-May-10 Wednesday Antiretroviral Therapy in Children Dr. Ram Gopal Krishnan, Consultant, Infectious Diseases
28-May-10 Friday Management of Infective in Neutropenic- Patients Dr. Abdul Ghafur, Consultant, Infectious Diseases
31-May-10 Friday Management of Comotous Child Dr. D. Kamala, Senior Consultant, Pediatric Neurology
10-June-10 Thursday Limb Discrepancy Dr. P. Rajasekar, Senior Consultant, Orthopaedics
14-June-10 Monday Management of Osteoarthritis Dr. Praveen Kumar Consultant, Orthopedics
17-June-10 Thursday An approach to Hypothyroidism Dr. Jayshree Gopal Consultant, Endocrinology & Diabetology
18-June-10 Friday Dermatology in general practice Dr. Ravi Chandran G Consultant, Dermatology
24-June-10 Thursday A discussion on Portal Hypertension Dr. Sunder K, Consultant, Radiology
25-June-10 Friday Management of GERD (Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease) Dr. M Hariharan, Consultant, Gastroenterology
13-July-10 Tuesday A Discussion on Interventional Radiology Dr. Swathi, Consultant, Radiology
21-July-10 Wednesday Approach to Bleeding Disorders & Management Dr. T. P. R. Bharadwaj, Senior Consultant, Hematology
22-July-10 Thursday Screening and Prevention of Cancer Dr. Venkat, Consultant, Oncology Surgery
23-July-10 Friday Surgery of Eye Cataract Dr. Rajesh Gupta, Consultant, Ophthalmology
28-July-10 Wednesday Psychiatry in General Practice Dr. V. Muthu Krishnan, Consultant, Psychiatry
29-July-10 Thursday Thyroid disorders in Pregnancy Dr. P. G. Sundar Raman, Consultant, Endocrinology
9-Aug-10 Monday Stone Disease in Urology Dr. T. R. Ramakrishna Consultant, Urology
10-Aug-10 Tuesday Diagnosis & Complications of Diabetes Mellitus Dr. Sowkat Ali Consultant, General Medicine
11-Aug-10 Wednesday Acute Management of Burns & Burn wound Management Dr. Ganapathy Krishnan Consultant, Plastic Surgery
17-Aug-10 Thursday Current Concepts and Advances in Management of seizure Disorder Dr. Prithika Chari Consultant, Neurology & Neurosurgery
19-Aug-10 Thursday Male sexual Dysfunctions Dr. D. Narayana Reddy Consultant, Sexual Medicine
31-Aug-10 Tuesday Approach to Chest Pain Dr. Abraham Ooman Consultant, Cardiology
15-Sep-10 Wednesday Shortness of Breath Dr. Rama Narasimhan, Consultant, General Medicine
17-Sep-10 Friday ABC in Colo-rectal Disease Dr.T.G.Balachander, Surgical Gastroentrology
20-Sep-10 Monday Hepatitis ?B? Dr. N. Murugan, Consultant, Hepatology
22-Sep-10 Wednesday Surgical Infections Dr. Prithvi Raj, Consultant, General Surgery
29-Sep-10 Wednesday Introduction to Plastic Surgery Dr. Shashi Bhushan, Consultant, Plastic Surgery
30-Sep-10 Thursday Heart problems in Diabetology Dr. Chandrasekar Chandilya, Consultant, General Medicine
12-Oct-10 Tuesday Current Guidelines in Diabetic Management Dr. Sujatha, Consultant, General Medicine
13-Oct-10 Wednesday Acute Pancretitis Dr. T.G. Balachandar, Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology
15-Oct-10 Friday Respiratory Problems in Peadiatrics Dr.Prakash Agarwal, Consultant Pediatric Surgery
18-Oct-10 Monday Pneumococcal Diseases Dr. C. Jagadish, Consultant, General Medicine
20-Oct-10 Wednesday Chronic Headache Dr. R. Sridharan, Consultant, Neurology
25-Oct-10 Monday Management of Valvular Heart Disease Dr. Dillip Kumar Mishra, Consultant, Cardio Thoracic Surgery
03-Nov-10 Wednesday Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy Dr. P. B. Sivaraman, Consultant, Urology
09-Nov-10 Tuesday Basics of Head & Abdomen X-Ray Interpretation Dr. Swathi, Consultant, Radiology
11-Nov-10 Thursday Management of Head Injuries Dr.S.Kalyanaraman, Sr.Consultant Neurosurgery
16- Nov-10 Tuesday Acute Hand Injuries Dr. K. Sridhar, Consultant, Plastic Surgery
16- Nov-10 Tuesday Clinical Examination of Respiratory System Dr. A.R. Gayatri, Consultant, Respiratory Medicine
30-Nov-10 Tuesday Heart Sound - An Overview Dr. K. Jayanthi, Consultant, Cardiology
07-Dec-10 Tuesday Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy Dr. Mallika Samuel, Consultant, Gynecology
08-Dec-10 Wednesday Dermatology in General Practice Dr. Ravi Chandran Consultant, Dermatology
09-Dec-10 Thursday Assessment of Growth and Development in Children Dr. Jayakumar Reddy, Consultant, Pediatrics
15-Dec-10 Wednesday Knee Pain Dr. Balaji Srinivasan, Consultant, Orthopedic Surgery
23-Dec-10 Thursday Approach to Loss of Consciousness Dr. Arul Selvan, Consultant, Neurology
27-Dec-10 Monday Management of Obstructive Airway Diseases Dr. C. Jagadeesh, Consultant, General Medicine