CME 2009

Date/Day CME Topic Name & Designation of the presenter
6-Jan-09 Tuesday Tele-Medicine Introductory session Prof.K.Ganapathy, Neuro surgeon
09-Feb-09 Monday Tele-Medicine Introductory session Prof.K.Ganapathy, Neuro surgeon
11-Feb-09 Wednesday Head Injuries Prof.K.Ganapathy, Neuro surgeon
27-Mar-09 Friday Congenital Heart Diseases Dr.MuthuKumaran, Paediatric Cardiologist
22-Apr-09 Wednesday Management of Brain Tumours Prof.K.Ganapathy,Neuro surgeon
26-May-09 Tuesday Management Algorithm for Lympidema Dr.G.Manokaran, Consultant,Plastic Surgeon.
5-Jun-09 Friday Recognizing the Dangerous Headache Prof.K.Ganapathy, Neuro surgeon
17-Jun-09 Wednesday Management of Diabetes and Complications Dr.N.Rajendran, Consultant, Diabetology.
29-Jun-09 Monday Common skin problems and its management Dr.RaviChandran, Consultant, Dermatologist.
9-Jul-09 Thursday Control of Nosocomial Infections "Dr. V. Ram Subramaniam, Senior Consultant, Infectious Diseases & Tropical Med."
10-Jul-09 Friday Stereo Tactic RadioSurgery "Prof.K.Ganapathy, Senior Consultant, Neurosurgeon"
14-Jul-09 Tuesday Clinical Approach to Giddiness "Dr. Arul Selvam, Consultant, Neurologist"
"22-Jul-09 Wednesday" An Overview on Epilepsy "Dr. Prithika Chary, Senior Consultant, Neurologist"
28-Jul-09 Tuesday Peripheral Vascular Diseases Dr.V.Balaji, Sr.Consultant, Vascular Surgeon
30-Jul-09 Thursday Skull Base Surgery Dr. Rayappa, Senior Consultant, ENT,Head, Neck & Skull Base Surg
04-Aug-09 Tuesday Infections of the Brain "Prof.K.Ganapathy, Senior Consultant, Neurosurgeon"
11-Aug-09 Tuesday Hemorrhage in Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Mallika Samuel, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist
13-Aug-09 Thursday Back Pain-Cause,Effects & Remedy "Dr. Navaladi Shankar, Consultant Orthopedic Surgery"
21-Aug-09 Friday Approach to Anemia "Dr. T.P.R Bharadwaj, Sr. Consultant Haematologist"
31-Aug-09 Monday Undescended testis in Children "Dr.Sripathi, Pediatric Urologist"
10-Sep-09 Thursday Diabetic Foot and Peripheral Vascular Diseases "Dr. N. Sekhar,Consultant, Vascular Surgeon"
11-Sep-09 Friday Acute Renal Failure "Dr. Rajeev Annigeri,Consultant, Nephrologist"
16-Sep-09 Wednesday Clinical Approach to Low Back Ache "Dr. S. Kalyanaraman Senior Consultant, Neurosurgeon "
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22-Sep-09 Tuesday Brain Death - Implications for the Doctor Prof.K.Ganapathy, Senior Consultant, Neurosurgeon
29-sep-09 Tuesday Approach to proper use of Antibiotics Dr.Abdul Ghafur K Consultant, Infectious Diseases
06-Oct-09 Tuesday Stereotactic Radiosurgery Prof.K.Ganapathy, Senior Consultant, Neurosurgeon
08-Oct-09 Thursday Management of Breast Lump Dr. Prithivi Raj, Senior Consultant, General Surgery
13-Oct-09 Tuesday Cancer: From awareness through screening until follow up of results Dr. Janos Stumpf, Director, Oncology
21-Oct-09 Wednesday Surgical Jaundice Dr. R. Surendran, Senior Consultant, Gastroenterology
22-Oct-09 Thursda Approach to a patient with Sinusitis Dr. H. Ganapathy, Senior Consultant, ENT Surgeon
28-oct-09 Wednesday Management of Stroke Dr. Geetha Lakshmipathy, Senior Consultant, Neurologist
10-Nov-09 Tuesday Management of Unknown Fever Dr. Bhaskar, Senior Consultant, General Medicine
11-Nov-09 Wednesday Discussion on Neck Pain Dr.M.Balamurugan Senior Consultant, Neuro Surgeon
12-Nov-09 Thursday Cough Doís and Doníts Dr. C. Jagadeesh Consultant, Internal Medicine
26-Nov-09 Thursday Identification of Kidney Diseases in Community Dr. B. Subba Rao Nephrology
30-Nov-09 Monday Approach to a Patient with Thyroid Disorder Dr. Vijaya Ganapathy General Medicine
03-Dec-09 Thursday Common Liver Diseases Dr. Ubal Dhas, Consultant, Gastroenterology
09-Dec-09 Wednesday A discussion on Immunization about advanced Vaccines Dr.Radha Rajgopalan, Senior Consultant, Paediatrics
10-Dec-09 Thursday How to prevent Heart Attack ? Dr. Dilip Kumar Mishra, Senior Consultant, Cardio Vascular
11-Dec-09 Friday Peripheral Smear Study as an aid to Diagnosis Dr. H. Subramony, Senior Consultant, General Medicine
15-Dec-09 Tuesday ARBs (Angiotensin Receptors Blockers) in Hypertension: Where do they stand? Dr. Y. Vijaya Chandra Reddy, Senior Consultant, Interventional Cardiologist
16-Dec-09 Wednesday Systemic Hypertension Dr. A. Soukat Ali, Senior Consultant, General Medicine