Grand rounds

Concept of virtual grand rounds started as early as 2002. Several programs
were held in Neurosurgery, with Fujita Health Universioty Nagoya Japan,
University of ZDewntistry and Medicine New Jersey, with dept of NS Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia, with depts.In Honk Kong etc Patients with complex problems
were presented and consultants from other countries would give their
opinion. Several years later 2012 -2015 inter Apollo Grand rounds were
held in five to six specialities eg neurosurgery, neurology,orthopaedics,
paediatrics. DNB candidates appearing for the exam would present
“ cases” and consultants from various Apollo Hospitals would participate.
This was done through multi point video conferencing. With phenomenal
advances in smart phone video conferencing and “ Whats App” doctors
found it easier to interact on a mobile medium rather than come to the
Tele-Medicine department for “ grand rounds” However webcasting
and webinars are still being done for specificoccasions including complex
or new surgeries or interventions.