Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the term used for the process, where Healthcare Services are provided when the patient and the doctor are far away from each other.

What does telemedicine mean to my family and me?

Telemedicine is designed to bring quality health care and specialty services to areas, where it is not available. Specialist service can be made available quickly. Follow-up care can be done from a Telemedicine center close to the patient?s residence. You and your family are saved the inconvenience and expenses involved in traveling long distances Considerable effort and inconvenience is avoided. Money need not be spent on food, accommodation etc.

What exactly happens in a telemedicine Consultation?

The patient or relative contacts the nearest Telemedicine Consultation Center (TCC) and requests for a specialist consultation. The local Telemedicine administrator fixes an appointment with the concerned specialist and informs the patient. Problems and history of the patient is sent electronically in a specially designed case sheet. Test reports like X-Ray, ECG, Blood investigations, CT Scan, Angiogram, ECHO pictures etc can also be sent from the TCC to the specialist at the hospital. After the specialist goes through this information he/she talks to the patient and examines the patient remotely through video conferencing. If any investigations have been sent earlier these can be reviewed. X-ray images, CT scan, MRI images can all be digitally manipulated by the consultant at his end. Coronary Angiograms, Echo Cardiograms and biopsy slides can be seen by the Teleconsultants at their end. If appropriate devices are available in the TCC, the specialist can even hear heart and respiratory sounds, besides measuring blood pressure. After a provisional tele diagnosis is made, the opinion of the specialist is communicated to the patient at the remote end through the EMR. A prescription with the specialist?s signature is also electronically sent to the patient. If reviews are required a similar procedure is followed.

Do I get to meet the same Specialist?

Yes, you will be able to get in touch with the same specialist for all of your review consultations.

Can the patients receive the same level of quality of care as they would receive during personal interaction?

Telemedicine delivers virtually the same quality of care as personal interaction. Patient and doctor satisfaction is very high.

Is consultation through Telemedicine expensive?


It will cost far less than the money spent on travel, food and accommodation and one don?t loose valuable time traveling to the hospital for consultation.

Who offers Telemedicine in India?

Apollo Hospital Group, offers Telemedicine Facilities, through Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation

(ATNF). Currently ATNF has the largest multi specialty Telemedicine network in South Asia.