Instrumental in initiating and setting up the first Telemedicine units in the armed forces of India in the ATNKK area with the help of the then GOC Maj.General.Anoop Jamwal. Trained armed forces service officers in 20 different units on the use of Telemedicine. Followed this up by helping setup Telemedicine units in the central command again with the assistance of Gen. Anoop Jamwal. Organised a course in Telemedicine for Senior Officers of the central command. Subsequently advised Maj.General.Anoop Jamwal, when he became Adjutant Genl. of the Indian army


Apollo Telemedicine has been invited to be a Global Partner to join ISMC International Space Medicine Consortium Prof. K. Ganapathy President ATNF and Director ATHS will be on the Board of Advisors (. ) - the only one from Asia.

ISMC is an active leading member of the Space Medicine community, emphasising that space telemedicine is vital in manned-space missions and space tourism. ISMC will enhance space medicine knowledge and develop new technologies for distant monitoring and treatment of humans involved in long-duration, deep space exploration. A future ready multi sensorial and emotional 3D virtual physician for TM application and health issues for astronauts is already in the making. Please spend a few minutes going through the websites. It indicates that Space Telemedicine will happen soon

For an organisation from a developing country to be invited by an International Space Medicine Consortium to be a global partner speaks for itself. For Apollo Telemedicine, even the sky will no longer be the limit!!

India 's Apollo Tele-health Network Provides Technical Assistance to Viet Nam