♦ Invited speaker Digital Empowerment of Society - Health & Education : Pan India IIT Alumni association July 22nd

♦ Department of Medical Health and Family Welfare, Government of Uttar Pradesh & Observer Research Foundation :
   Consultation Workshop: "Public Health in Uttar Pradesh: Challenges and Solutions" . Presentation on " Can Technology
   help provide Health care in Uttar Pradesh ? Yes, yes, Yes of course 29th June 2017 Lucknow

♦"Smart Health in Smart Cities for Smart Population: A peep into the future TSI HQ 4th Continuing Telemedicine
   Education Program held at VIT-Vellore on 02-Apr-2017

♦ Quiz on Health Care Information technology TSI HQ 4th Continuing Telemedicine EducationProgram at VIT-Vellore on

♦ Guest Lecture at Humanities and Sciences Dept IIT MADRAS 28TH FEBRUARY 2017 ON " ICT in Healthcare: An

♦ 51st Annual Convention of Computer Society of India, Coimbatore – 23rd January 2017 IT in Health care

♦ HITCON 2017 22nd January 2017 @ Ahmedabad Keynote addresses 1.

   Health care through technology in 2025 2. Doctor patient relationship in the era of technology driven digital health

♦ Chief Guest Address and keynote address on Technology Assisted Smart Health on 6th January 2017 at Panimalar
  Institute of Technology, Chennai

♦ Special Commonwealth Assistance for Africa programme CDAC Mohali. Lecture thro VC for 26 participants from 17
  countries 27th November 2012

♦ Recent trends in eHealth and mHealth a CSIR National workshop Prathyusha Institute of Technology and Management
   Chennai Nov 1st 2012.

♦ Invited talk in session on "Innovative Technologies for Rural Development" at the 8th Convention of Grameen Gyan
   Abhiyan organized by the National Alliance for Bridging the Urban-Rural Digital Divide M.S.Swaminathan Research
   Foundation, Chennai 29th October 2012

♦ Invited Lecture "History of Surgery for Epilepsy and Movement Disorders" 1st workshop of Indian society of stereotactic
   and functional neurosurgery. Mumbai oct 13th ‑14th 2012

♦ Invited Speaker: National Users Meeting ISRO Telemedicine Sep 26th 2012, Ahmedabad

♦ Invited Lecture on " Telemedicine" for US University students under International Honours program Chennai Oct 25th

♦ CSIR sponsored National workshop Mobile Application Development for mHealth Inaugural at Chennai on 17th
   September 2012

♦ Invited Guest Lecture : A Hospital in your pocket in 2015 ‑ A peep into the future3rd National Conference of Indian
   Society of Tele dermatology 8th September 2012 , Chennai.

♦ mHealth. A peep into the future. 3rd International Conference on Transforming HealthCare with ICT Hyderabad Aug
   31stsep 1st 2012.

♦ Meeting Programme Advisory Committees (PACs) in Health Sciences under Science & Engineering Research Board
   (SERB). Dept of Science and Technology Govt of India Aug 30th 2012 New Delhi

♦ Invited guest lecture "Telehealth: An innovation in Health care "Workshop in association with Karnataka Government) at
   Bangalore, 28th August, 2012 to showcase innovative practices in Health Sector.

♦ Health Applications using the National Knowledge Network Video lecture from Thiruvananthapuram to delegates in
   Chennai at National Workshop on NKN July 24th 2012.

♦ Invited guest lecture " Telehealth : An innovation in Health care " Workshop on Innovations in Health Care" at the
   Institute of Management Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala in Collaboration with Govt. of Kerala 24th July, 2012.

♦ Inaugural address " Telemedicine Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" C ‑DAC, Mohali Chandigarh Ministry of
   Communications and Information Technology, Government of India) 6th July 5th National Workshop on Telemedicine.

♦ Healthcare everywhere: technology in Telemedicine. May 31st 2012 Shankar Nethralaya Chennai.

♦ Keynote address on "Transforming Healthcare with Telehealth" May 23rd Wellness Conclave Aditya Birla group of
   Companies Mumbai.

♦ mHealth the future of health care 1st Annual conference of the Odisa State Chapter of the Telemedicine Society of India
   April 13th to 14th 2012 Bhuvaneshwar.

♦ Introduction to Telemedicine. Talk given at the inauguration of the ISHA Foundation Rural Telehealth

   Clinic Feb 19 2012,

   -telemedicine-centre/articleshow/11956885.cmsat Aladorai, Coimbatore.

♦ Key note address on Invention, Innovation & Technology in Health Care at the International Conference on Sensors and
   Related Networks-Sennet’12 in collaboration with Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam and
   University of Applied Science, Karlsruhe, Germany Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore Jan 20th 2012.

♦ Key note address on Invention, Innovation & Technology in Health Care at the Invention, Innovation & Technology
   International Conference January 19th , 2012 Kolkata.

♦ mHealth : An Overview, invited guest lecturer at Indian science congress, Bhuvaneswar, January 3rd 2012

♦ TeleHealth: The Apollo Story. Presentation to Executive MBA delegation from London School of Economics October
   13th 2011.

♦ Guest Lecture: "ICT Application in Health Care Services" IT Summit "MEGABYTES 201", Shillong organised by
   Government of Meghalaya, 8‑th September 2011

♦ Invited guest lecture "Innovative Healthcare Strategies: the role of mHealth", at the national conference on Healthex
   2nd edition " ‑ Inclusive Healthcare Management for Sustainable Development"at HEALTHEX 2011" 2nd edition at
   Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bangalore, 6th August 2011

♦ Guest Lecture:"Relevance of eHealth in a Health Micro insurance Environment" at IFMR Research, Chennai, 20‑21 July

♦ Key address: Video Conferencing: "m‑health" in Smart hospitals track at IIHMR Conference on GREEN‑SAFE‑SMART (
   GSS ) practices in Healthcare on 16th July 2011

♦ Guest Lecture:"Telehealth" The Reinvention of Health Care" Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences, Pondicherry
   1st July 2011

♦ 2nd Annual Healthcare Expansion Summit India 2ndJune 2011 Goa. Guest Lecture "Cyber doctors: Taking it to the next

♦ Invited presentation : The Apollo Story at the Joint Working group on Telemedicine , Dept of Health Research Govt of
   India June 1st 2011, New Delhi

♦ All India Council of Technical Education sponsored Staff development programme: recent trends in industrial and
  medical instrumentation: Guest lecture “Technology in Health Care: A peep into the future. May 31s 2011 RMK
  Engineering College, Chennai. P64

♦Key Note Address: "mHealth: the Reinvention of Health Care: 2nd International Conference on Transforming
  HealthCare with ICT. Hyderabad April 22nd to 23rd 2011

♦Workshop on Pan African e‑Network Project New Delhi 15th March 2011. Invited talk on " The Apollo Hospitals

♦Key note address "Transforming health care with ICT ". CISCO Healthcare Industry day Hotel Oberoi New Delhi 4th
  March 2011.

♦Key note address "Telehealth: An Overview" delivered thro Videoconference February 27th 2011 6th Annual Medical
  Conference ‑ Confluence 2011, at Hindalco Hospital Renukut.

♦Key Note Address " eMedicine: transforming HealthCare" 56th national conference of the Armed Forces Medical
  Services 2nd February 2011 Pune.

♦Invited Guest Lecture: ICT and Sustainable Development in Rural health at the 7th convention of Grameen Gyan
  Abhiyan ‑ Rural Knowledge Movement (Mission 2007: Every Village a Knowledge Centre) Nov 27th 2010 Mumbai.

♦Key Note address : Telemedicine in Surgery: 10th National Conference of the Telemedicine Society of India,
  Bhuvaneshwar Nov 14th to 16th 2010

♦"Transforming Healthcare with ICT. Lecture to overseas executive MBA managers from London School of Economics,
   October 7th 2010, Chennai India.

♦ Scheduled: "The mobile phone as a tool to provide health care". Panelist in Panel Discussion on "Technology to bridge
   disparities in making "Healthcare for All" a reality".CONNECT 2010 8‑9 September 2010:, Chennai organized by
   Government of Tamil Nadu, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), & and Ministry of Communications & Technology,
   Government of India.

♦Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation. National advisory Council meeting, Hyderabad August 16th

♦ The Apollo Experience paper presented on August 2nd 2010 Ministry of External Affairs Review meeting of Pan African
   Network e Health project, New Delhi

♦"Transforming health care with ICT. The Road Ahead. Invite3d Guest lecturer at GLOBAL INDIA ICT SUMMIT
   Organized by Ministry of Communication & Information &th Technology & Indian Chamber of Commerce 7th August

♦ Invited Guest Lecture "Connecting the Ecosystem‑Role of E Health" at the CEOs Roundtable on Vision of 21st Century
   Healthcare System". "Healthex 2 010" A CII BIES conference. Bangalore July 16th 2010.

♦ Invited Guest Lecture "Health applications using the National Knowledge Network". National Seminar on "National
   Knowledge Network ‑Knowledge Transformation Opportunities for Technical Teachers" 10th May 2010 NITTTR,
   Taramani, Chennai

♦ Invited Guest lecture "mHealth in 2015 A peep into the future". First I nternational conference on " Transforming
   Healthcare using Information Technology" New Delhi March 8th to 10th 2010.

♦ Invited Guest lecture "Growth and development of Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation ‑ The First Decade."
   Live demonstration of teleconsultation from Raichur using CISCO Desktop Solution First International conference on "
   Transforming Healthcare using Information Technology" New Delhi March 8th to 10th 2010

♦ Invited presentation on "Role of mHealth" in "CHALLENGES IN HEALTH CARE" Round t able meeting with Swedish
   delegation.5th February 2010 Mumbai

♦ Invited presentation on "Role of mHealth" to Health Secretary to Govt of India 1st February 2010 New Delhi.

♦ Lakshimpathi Oration: Telehealth: The Reinvention of Health care: Annual Annual conference of the National Academy
  of Medical Sciences October 31st 2009 Lucknow.

♦ Visiting Professor to Institute of Telemedicine and Medical informatics SGPGI Lucknow October 30th 2009 .Lectures on
   1.Information Technology in Health Care. 2. Health sciences in 2020: A peep into the future.

♦ Key Note Address: Trends in Health Care in GE Healthcare Technology Symposium Oct 28th Bangalore.

♦ Invited guest lecture "Assisting Health care in Africa: The Apollo Story" at the Indo African Pharma Business meet
   Saturday 26th September at Hyderabad

♦ Invited Guest Lectures at the workshop on "eHealth: The Emerging Scenario" held at Chennai Sep 15th 2009 under
   auspices of Indian Council Medical Research, AHERF and ATNF

♦ Information Technology and its relevance in Health Care: An Overview.

♦ Clinical Clinical Telemedicine and mHealth

♦ Invited Guest Lectures Opportunities & Best Practices in eHealth Adoption ‑ a multistakeholder’s perspective, Aug
   25th2009 , Hyderabad National Conference e Health India.

♦ Tele lecture on " Technology in Health Care" VMKV Engineering College, VM University, Salem Aug 21st 2009.

♦ Invited Guest Lectures at the workshop on "Information Technology and Health Care" held at Delhi Aug20th 2009 under
  auspices of Indian Council Medical Research, AHERF, ATNF & Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. 1.
  Information Technology and its relevance in Health Care: An Overview. 2. Clinical Telemedicine and mHealth.

♦ Invited Guest Lecture on " Telemedicine through the Pan African eNetwork: Initial Experience" presented at The
   Workshop on the Pan African eNetwork organized by Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India New Delhi aug 13th

♦ Invited Guest lecture on "mHealth: The reinvention of Health care. 5th Annual conference of the Telemedicine Society
   of India. Pune November 6th 2009

♦ Invited Guest lecture on "The Pan African eNetwork : A critical audit." International Workshop organized by Ministry of
   External Affairs & TCIL. New Delhi 12th‑ 13th August 2009.

♦ Guest faculty "Telemedicine and Clinical Research" Advanced Certificate Course on Clinical trial management AHERF
   & Anna University August 6th 2009, Chennai

♦ Invited Guest lecture on "Telehealth: The evolving Scenario "Conference on eGovernance 16th July 2009. Federation of
   Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Chennai

♦ Invited Guest lecture on "Mobile Health care in developing countries".3rd Annual Connecting Rural Communities Asia
   Forum of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation New Delhi 25th June 2009

♦ Guest lecture on "Technology in Telemedicine" in Workshop on the Latest Trends in Healthcare and IT,Government of
   Tamil Nadu Confederation of Indian Industry May 23rd 2009 Chennai.

♦ Invited lecture on "Technology in Telemedicine ‑ a peep into the future" Conference on Healthcare, FICCI 18th February
   2009. New Delhi

♦ Panelist in Ecosystem in India for ICT Innovation at the " India R&D 2009 ‑ ICT Innovations Federation of Indian
   Chambers of Commerce and Industry 23rd January 2009, New Delhi ( Through video conferencing)

♦ Invited Guest lecture " Reinvention of Health Care in a Mobile World ‑ " A peep into the future" 4th National Conference
   of the Telemedicine Society of India, Chandigarh Nov14to 16th 2008.

♦ Invited guest lecture " Connecting the Unconnected and Reaching the Unreached through TeleHealth" at the 43rd
   annual convention of the Computer Society of India and 25th South East Asia Regional Computer Confederation
   Conference 12th September 2008 Chennai.

♦ Guest lecture. " Telemedicine in Neurosciences " Institute of Neurology, Madras Medical College, Chennai 23rd July

♦ Telemedicine in Neurosciences. Lecture delivered at " Meet the Professor" programme at Armed Forces Medical
   College, Pune 31st May 2008

♦ An introduction to Telehealth. One day course conducted for the staff of the Aditya Birla group at Pune on the
   commissioning of four telemedicine units June 21st 2008 Pune.

♦ Invited Guest Lecture: "Telehealth in the emerging scenario" in Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and
   Industry Session on "Information Technology in Health Care 26th June, Chennai

♦ Invited Guest Lecture: Confederation of Indian Industry Session on "Telemedicine bridging the gap. Enhancing the
   quality and efficiency of patient care. 20th May, Chennai

♦ Invited Guest Lecture: Telehealth: The Ultimate Societal Application of Computer Technology. Variable Cyclotron
   Centre. Dept of Atomic Energy, Govt of India, Kolkata 12th May 2008

♦ Invited Guest Lectures Telemedicine. 6th May 2008 Kalpakkam, Chennai Atomic Energy Dept. Govt. of India

♦ Invited Guest Lecture: "Telehealth and the medical curriculum " 2nd All India conference of the Vice Chancellors of
   Health sciences Universities. Chennai 2nd April 2008

♦ Invited Guest Lecture: "Information Assurance in eHealth" at the 4th Indo ‑ Australian Conference on Information
   Technology Security (IACITS) 2008. Pondicherry, 27th March 2008

♦ Invited Guest Lecture: "Telehealth‑ Reinvention of Healthcare & its Impact on Dentistry", College of Dental Surgery,
   Savitha University,Chennai, 2nd March 2008

♦ Invited Guest Lecture: "Privacy & Security Issues in eHealth " The Indian Scenario", 2nd November 2007, at the 3rd
   National Conference of the Telemedicine Society of India and the 12th ISfTeH International Conference, 1st" 3rd
   November 2007, Chennai, India

♦ Invited Guest Lecture on Telemedicine Applications delivered on O ctober 22nd 2007 at Ahmedabad in one day
   national seminar under auspices of Ahmedabad Rotary / ISRO

♦ Invited Guest Lecture: : Community Healthcare: Solutions, Best Practices, Challenges: in eHealth India 2007 New Delhi
   August 2nd 2007

♦ Invited Guest Lecture on Private Sector’s perspective ‑ Can telemedicine be extended for public healthcare USAID-
  Microsoft Workshop on Information Technology Interventions in Health in India on 9th May at The Oberoi, New Delhi

♦ Panelist ‑ Recommendations and Conclusions: " National Telemedicine Users Meet ‑Indian Space Research
  Organisation Ahmedabad May 3‑ 4th 2007

♦ Invited Guest Lecture : " Enhancing reach of Telemedicine and steps for implementation of legal aspects " National
  Telemedicine Users Meet ‑ Indian Space Research Organisation Ahmedabad May 3‑4th 2007.

♦ Operations, experiences and feedback ‑ Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. National Telemedicine Users Meet ‑ Indian Space
   Research Organisation Ahmedabad May 3‑ 4th 2007

♦ Invited Guest Lecture: "Telemedicine for Engineers" National Conference on Innovations in Biomedical Engineering.
   March 24th Thrissur

♦ Invited Guest Lecture: Corporate Initiatives in Rural Healthcare: Seventh international Conference on eHealth. Baramati
   Initiative on Information Communication Technologies (ICT) and Development Baramati Maharashtra, March 15‑18,

♦ Chairperson and Invited Guest Lecture "Ethical Issues in Neurosciences ‑ in 2015", South Asian Congress of
   Neurosurgeons, New Delhi‑18th February 2007

♦ Panelist in Asia Pacific Health Summit. Health Information Technology. Policy Workgroup. Focus India Workshop.
   Mumbai‑10th February 2007.

♦ Chairperson and Invited Guest Lecture "Telemedicine in India‑ an Overview", at the India Leadership Forum‑
   NASSCOM, Mumbai‑ 9th February 2007

♦ Invited Guest Lecture and demonstration "Telehealth for SARC countries" Experts meeting. Ministry of External Affairs
   Govt of India 22nd January 2007 New Delhi

♦ Invited Guest Lecture "Role of Telehealth in "not ‑ for ‑ profit" hospitals. International Healthcare Leadership Summit,
   Chennai Jan 12‑13th 2007

♦ Invited Guest Lecture on "Role of Telemedicine & Telecare in the Management of Cerebral Palsy" presented at the
   National Conference of Indian Association for Cerebral Palsy, 26th November 2006, Hyderabad

♦ Invited Guest Tele‑ Lecture on "Telemedicine in Trauma", Saturday, 25th November at National Conference on Medical
   Informatics‑ MediTel, Kochi, India

♦ Invited Guest Lecture on "Telemedicine in Critical Care" presented at National Update on Critical Care 2006, 6th
   November 2006, Patna. India

♦ Guest lecture ‑ "Rural Telemedicine in India ‑ the Aragonda Story 2nd National Conference of Telemedicine Society of
   India 21st August 2006 New Delhi

♦ Clinical Validation of Low Cost Telemedicine Equipment‑ A Preliminary Report. Rajeev Kumar, Sameer S. Sawarkar,
   Aditi Ravindra, Kevin Devasia, Sivaprakasam S, Ganapathy K. 2nd National Conference of Telemedicine Society of
   India, 17‑ 22 August 2006, New Delhi

♦ Initial experience with VSAT enabled Mobile Telemedicine. Rohini Sridhar, Subramanian S, Rajan Desai, Padmavathy V
  K,Sathyamurthy L S, Ganapathy K. 2nd National Conference of Telemedicine Society of India, 17‑ 22 August 2006, New

♦ Sexual Medicine and Telemedicine- The Apollo Experience. Aditi Ravindra, Narayana Reddy, K Ganapathy. 2nd
   National Conference of Telemedicine Society of India, 17 ‑ 22 August 2006, New Delhi.

♦ Invited Guest Lecture, "Information Technology in Healthcare", Nat ional Conference on "Information Technology And
   Its Applications, Bharat Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, New Delhi, 13th April 2006

♦ Chief Guest Address, 10th Anniversary‑Indore Neuro Club, 19th March 2006, lectures on:

♦ Telemedicine in Neurosciences

♦ Chief Guest Address, National Symposium on "Instronics 2006" RMK Engineering College, Chennai, 6th March 2006

♦ Invited Guest Lecture, "Telehealth in Clinical Practice"& Live Demo "Management of Head Injuries" Apollo KH Hospital,
   Ranipet, Chennai 19th Feb 2006.

♦ Invited Guest Lecture, "Telehealth in the Indian Context‑ An overview" & Live Demo, FORUM, 26th February

♦ Invited Guest Lecture, "Telehealth in India and experiences of Apollo Hospital" Workshop on the occasion of the
  inauguration of the Rajasthan Telemedicine Programme 14th February 2006 Jaipur.

♦ Invited Guest Lecture, "Telemedicine and Critical Care"12th February 2006, 12th Annual Conference of the Critical
  Care Society of India Chennai India.

♦ Invited Guest Lecture, "Business Aspects of Telemedicine" Regional workshop on "Emerging Opportunities in
   Healthcare Sector" organized by ITCOT 30th January, 2006. Chennai.

♦ Invited guest Lecture "Health Care Management using Telehealth": National Conference on Geomatics for
   Infrastructure Development. Jan 4‑6 2006. Chennai

♦ Telehealth‑ An Overview Keynote Address at the inauguration of KG‑ Apollo Telemedicine Unit at K.G Hospital,
   Coimbatore. October 2005

♦ Attitudes of 1000 families in two villages in Tamilnadu, towards using Wireless Internetkiosks for telehealthcare K.
  Ganapathy, Sasi Rekha , Varadarajan V: paper presented at the International Telemedicine Conference India ‑Bangalore
   March 17‑19, 2005

♦ E Health bridging the gap : Invited lecture at the International Telemedicine Conference India‑ Bangalore March 17‑19,

♦ Social issues in telemedicine : presented at the International Telemedicine Conference India ‑ Bangalore March 17‑19,

♦ Social, legal and Standardisation issues in telemedicine". Invited guest lecturer at national conference of Healthcare
   World 25th February 2005 Mumbai'

♦ Invited guest lecture on FM radio of Anna university under entrepreneurship development programe on telemedicine

♦ Invited Guest Lecture "Telehealth as a fulcrum for Nation Development". 92nd Indian Science Congress, Ahmedabad,
  Jan 3 ‑7, 2005, Section of Information and Communication Science and Technology

♦ Invited Guest Lecture on "Telemedicine ‑ social, legal and ethical issues in Indian context" at the International
   conference on Human Machine interfaces 2004 December 20th " 23rd 2004. Bangalore

♦ "Telemedicine: An overview". Tele lecture given on occasion of workshop on Telemedicine at Southern Railway
    Trivandrum Division 26th August 2004

♦ Telemedicine: An overview". Lecture delivered at Apollo Hospital, Pune 6th October 2004

♦ Telemedicine: Tomorrow's Medicine today Annual conference of the Research Society of BJ Medical College & Sasoon
    General Hospitals, Pune 7th October 2004

♦ Guest speaker "Telemedicine and its applications in critical care". Convenor of programme for Live demonstration of
   tele critical care (Jaipur‑ Chennai, Jaipur ‑ New Delhi, Conference venue‑ Jaipur)

♦ Lecture on Telemedicine to participants of College of Defence Management Oct 2003, Nov 2004 Chennai

♦ National Neurology Update 2004 held at Kota Rajasthan 14th march 2004 : Telelecture from Chennai on ‑Brain death‑
   followed by panel discussion on " Withdrawal of life support systems". Live multi point interactive video teleconference

♦ Lecture on Telemedicine at Imphal, Manipur ‑ organised by ISRO on the occasion of Telemedicine Users meet in North
   Eastern India 2004

♦ Lecture on Telemedicine to participants of College of Defence Management Oct 2003, Nov 2004 Chennai

♦ Web resources in health sciences" Guest lecturer and panelist in regional workshop conducted by University of Madras
   for medical librarians in Tamilnadu. 17th April 2004 Chennai.

♦ Lecture " In-flight Emergency Medical Services" April 2003 Delhi (Civil Aviation Authorities)

♦ Invited Guest lecture " Teleradiology " at the annual CME programme of th e Tamilnadu State Chapter of The Indian
   Association of Radiology 2003 Chennai

♦ Lecture ‑ Demonstration on Telemedicine at Joint Conference of Confederation of Indian Industries and ATNF Chennai
   Nov 2003

♦ Lecture ‑ Demonstration on Telemedicine at Joint Conference of Confederation of Indian Industries and ATNF Tele
   lecture at Kochi Nov 2003

♦ Lecture ‑ Concept of TeleHealth through Engineering Colleges‑ Lecture given at Interactive symposium for Principals of
   Engineering Colleges April 2003

♦ Invited Guest Lecture. Telemedicine in India ‑ An Overview. Association of Physicians of India, Railway Chapter IXth
   Annual Conference 16th & 17th Nov 2002, Chennai

♦ Live demonstration of telemedicine from Chennai to Engineering College of Anna university in Madurai to the President
   of India Dr. Abdul Kalam on December 14th 2002

♦ Invited Guest Lecture ‑ Media Lab Asia ‑ Asian Regional Network Conference ‑ Thursday, April 25, 2002 at New Delhi ‑
   Digital Village: Towards a Sustainable Future

♦ Conducted orientation course in Telemedicine for senior Army officers 5th July 2002

♦ Keynote address given at a symposium on Death‑A challenge to post modern man, A

♦ Practical Obstetrics and Gynaecology Congress ‑ July 27, 28, 29 2001 ‑ Chennai, Cost Effective Practice in 21st
   Century India. ‑ "Headaches: when to worry, how to help"

♦ Indian Space Research Organisation, Development and Educational P71 Communication Unit, Ahmedabad ‑ Workshop ‑ "Needs Based Telemedicine Project for Gujarat" held on Sunday, January 28, 2001. Guest "Telemedicine ‑ A Clinician

♦ International Conference in Medical Informatics ‑ November 24, 25th 2001 Hyderabad ‑Invited Guest Lecture:

♦ a. Telemedicine in Action ‑ The Apollo Experience

♦ b. Computers in Clinical Practice ‑ A Peep into the Future

♦ Panel discussant ‑ Medical Informatics Course ‑ A Clinician’s perspectiveTelemedicine and Neurosciences‑
   A Historical Perspective of the Global & Indian Scenario. Ganapathy K, Thiruvengadam J, Kishore Reddy & Vilvanathan
   S ‑ Mumbai. Paper presented at the 50th Annual Conference of the Neurological Society of India. 2001

♦ Invited to talk on Telemedicine at National Brain storming session held by Research Laboratories of Hewlett Packard,
   Bangalore March 2001

♦ Lectures on Telemedicine at Ananthapur District Hospital, Port Blair Andaman and Nicobar Islands,
  Thiruvananthapuram, Bilaspur and several other hospitals in India

♦ Guest Lecture on Telemedicine delivered at the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management,
  Thiruvananthapuram ‑ 3rd June 2001

♦ Guest Lecture "Telemedicine in the care for the less than abled" National conference on "Information Technology in
   enabling care for persons with disability, Chennai, June 26 2001

♦ Guest Lecture ‑ Computers in Clinical Practice ‑ A Peep into the Future ‑ IIITM, Thiruvananthapuram, October 2001

♦ Designing of Medical Informatics Course Brain Storming Session ‑ IIITM, Thiruvananthapuram, October 2001

♦ Participant of Workshop on Needs-based Telemedicine Project for Gujarat ‑ May 2001, Ahmedabad

♦ Guest Lecture ‑ CME Programme ‑ Apollo, Bilaspur ‑ 21st October 2001

♦ a. Telemedicine in Action ‑ The Apollo Experience.

♦ Guest Lecture ‑ "Telemedicine in the care for the less than abled" National conference on INTEND 2001 "
   Information Technology in enabling care for persons with disability ‑ Anna University, Chennai, June 26th 2001

♦ Invited guest speaker on Telemedicine in international conference on IT, Communication Technology and Bioinformatics
   September 2001 Madras Confederation of Indian Industry Southern Region Chennai.

♦ Lecture ‑ Demonstration on Telemedicine at Joint Conference of Confederation of Indian Industries and Apollo
   Telemedicine Networking Foundation Chennai

♦ Organising Secretary, First Neurosurgical Video Teleconference with Fujita Health University, Japan & Department of
   Neurosurgery, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. 2001

♦ Invited Guest lecture Telemedicine in Action ‑ Bangalore IT.Com 2001‑ November 2nd 2001

♦ Invited guest speaker at First International Conference of Telemedicine in India (Telemed 2000 April 2000 )Special
   lecture on "A Clinician's perspective of Telemedicine" and "Strategies for Introducing Telemedicine in India.

♦ Invited guest speaker at First International Conference of Telemedicine in India (Telemed 2000). ‑ Special lecture on "A
   Clinician's perspective of Telemedicine" and Strategies in developing Telemedicine in India.